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The magazine Hated, yet respected by the CIA and just hated
by the Bush Crime Family

CovertAction Quarterly

Ed. Note: During my Cold War days in US intelligence in Europe, we had a full set of a continually growing archive of CAQ within our SCIF library alongside Jane's Defence and other notable publications we were to be aware of and use as source material, as well as to see who knew what or if someone was hot on the trail or uncovering an operation - the Perpetrators of State Crime, with whom I worked, loved to hate CAQ... 

I find it comically ironic as an intelligence veteran to fight against the same apparatus now, pissing into their "eyes only" punchbowl of compartmentalized kool-aid drinking cubicle dwellers espousing "if you only knew what I knew...", but from the other side of the fence and to have the privilege of having Lou as a friend in the same fight.

From 1978 to 2005 one of the leading progressive print (Remember that word?) magazines in the world, dealing primarily with US foreign policy, the CIA/NSA/FBI, repression at home and abroad, and corporate crime.

The magazine, initially called CovertAction Information Bulletin, regularly published the names and career histories around the globe of undercover CIA officers derived from careful research of open, public sources. This so infuriated the powers-that-be that Congress passed the Intelligence Identities Protection Act in 1982, which made the practice of revealing the name of an undercover officer illegal under US law. The law was a virtual bill of attainder -- it is unconstitutional for Congress to enact legislation directed at a specific individual or organization. At the time, members of the House Intelligence Committee were telling journalists and lawyers that the legislation was only aimed at CovertAction Information Bulletin and its editors, but this was always said off the record and no one would confirm it on the record. (Congressman Bill Young (R.-FL) said during a House debate that "What we're after today are the Philip Agees of the world.") (Wikipedia, under “Intelligence Identities Protection Act”) Ironically, the law became the basis for the prosecution of George W. Bush special counsel Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby, who outed CIA employee Valerie Plame. 

Amongst the magazine’s numerous contributors were Philip Agee, John Stockwell, Ralph McGehee, Ellen Ray, William Schaap, Louis Wolf, Michael Parenti, Noam Chomsky, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Diana Johnstone, Sean Gervasi, Philip Wheaton, Immanuel Wallerstein, Kathy Kelly, Tony Benn, Ramsey Clark, David MacMichael, Edward Herman, William Blum, Michel Chossudovsky, Marjorie Cohn, James Petras, Gregory Elich, and many other prominent progressive writers.

A recent Washington Post story states: 

“The private papers of Philip Agee, the disaffected CIA operative whose unauthorized publication of agency secrets 35 years ago was arguably far more damaging than anything WikiLeaks has produced, have been obtained by New York University, which plans to make them public next spring.” (Washington Post online, October 26, 2010, story by Jeff Stein)

Individual copies or the entire set of 78 issues (mostly original copies and about a dozen in quality photocopy format) are available for purchase: $3.00 per issue, 25 copies for $65.00, 50 for $115, or $165.00 for all 78, including postage in the United States. To place an order, write: Louis Wolf, PO Box 5541, Washington, DC 20016, or e-mail:

Email from a reader:

Covert Action Quarterly was the best left-wing magazine I've ever read.  For years I sought it out at the news stand, often checking multiple  times trying not to miss an issue. (I can't remember why I didn't subscribe to it. Maybe I did at one time.) For more than a decade I've gone back to their sadly pathetic website, and only on the last visit did I find any material worth reading. CAQ, in my opinion, beat the  pants off The Nation -- even when it was still worth reading. It beat the pants off of the early Mother Jones, back when it was actually  radical. It beat the pants off of Z Magazine, even in Z's heyday. It even beat the pants off the print version of CounterPunch. I can't think  of a single other magazine that so impressed me.

I told dozens of people about it and gave copies away.
Charles M.

See the publication list below>>

Issue 1 (1978)

Agee on CIA; Cuban exile trial; consumer research in Jamaica.

Issue 2 (1978)

How ClA recruits diplomats; researching undercover officers; double agent in CIA.

Issue 3 (1979)

CIA attacks CAIB- secret Army manual • spying on host countries.

Issue 4 (1979)

U.S. spies in Italian services; CIA in Spain; CIA recruiting for Afnca; subversive academics, Angola.

Issue 5 (1979)

U.S. intelligence in Southeast Asia; CIA in Denmark Sweden, Grenada.

Issue 6 (1979)

U.S. in Caribbean- Cuban exile terrorists- CIA plans for Mcaragua- ClA's secret "Perspectives for Intelligence.

Issue 7 (1980)

Media destabilization in Jamaica; Robert Moss; CIA propaganda budget; media operations; UNITA; Iran.

Issue 8 (1980)

Attacks on Agee- U.S. intelligence legislation- CAIB statement to Congress, Zimbabwe- Northern Ireland.

Issue 9 (1990)

NSA in Norway; Glomar Explorer; mind control; notes on NSA.

Issue 10 (1980)

Caribbean; destabilization in Jamaica; Guyana; Grenada bombing; "The Spike"; deep cover manual.

Issue 11 (1980)

Rightwing terrorism; South Korea; KCIA; Portugal; Guyana; Canbbean; AFIO; NSA interview.

Issue 12 (1981)

U.S. in El Salvador & Guatemala; New Right; William Casey, CIA in Mozambique- mail surveillance.

Issue 13 (1981)

S. Africa documents; Namibia; mercenanes; theKlan-Globe Aero; Angola; Mozambique; BOSS; Cent. America; Max Hugel mail surveillance.

Issue 14-15 (1981)

Index to nos. 1-12; review of intelligence legislation; CAIB plans- extended Naming Names.

Issue 16 (1982)

Green Beret torture in El Saivador, Argentine death squads CIA media operations; Seycheiles; Angola; Mozambique- the Klan- Nugan Hand.

Issue 17 (1982)

CBW history; Cuban dengue epidemic; Scott Barnes and "yellow rain" lies- mystery death in Bangkok.

Issue 18 (1983)

CIA & religion; "secret" war in Nicaragua- Opus Dei; Miskitos; evangelicals-Gua~emala; Summer Inst. of Linguistics- World Medical Relief; CIA & BOSS; tonure; S. Africa; Vietnam defoliation.*

Issue 19 (1983)

CIA media; history of disinformation;"plot" against Pope- Grenada airport- Georgie Anne Geyer.

Issue 20 (1984)

Invasion of Grenada; war in Nicaragua; Ft. Huachuca; Israel and South Korea connections in Central America; KAL flight 007.

Issue 21 (1984)

New York Times and the Salvadoran election- Time and Newsweekdistortions; Accuracy in Media- Nicaragua.

Issue 22 (1984)

Mercenaries & terrorism; Soldier of Forrune; "prvatizing" the war in Nicaragua- U.S.-South African terror- Italian fascists.

Issue 23 (1985)

"Plot" to kill Pope/'Bulgarian Connection", ties to Turkish and Italian neofascists.

Issue 24 (1985)

State repression, infiltrators, provocateurs- sanctuary movement; American Indian Movement; Leonard Peltier; NASSCO strike; Arnau de Borchgrave, Moon, and Moss, Tetra Tech.

Issue 25 (1986)

U.S., Nazis, and Vatican; Knights of Malta- Greek civil war/Elent; WACL and Nicaragua; torture.

Issue 26 (1986)

U.S. state terrorism; Vemon Walters; Libya bombing; contra agents; Israel & S. Africa; Duarte; media in Costa Rica; democracy in Nicaragua- Index to nos. 13-25.

Issue 27 (1987)

Special:-Religious Right: New York Times & Pope Plot; Cariucci; Southern Air Transport; Michael Ledeen.

Issue 28 (1987)

Special CIA and drugs: S.E. Asia, Afghanistan, Central America- Nugan Hand, MICULIRA in Canada; Delta Force; AIDS theories and CBW.

Issue 29 (1988)

Special-Pacific: Philippines, Fiji, New Zealand, Belau, Kanaky, Vanuatu; atom teSting; media on Nicaragua; Reader's Digest, CIA in Cuba; Tibet; Agee on Veil; more on AIDS.

Issue 30 (1988)

Special-Middle East; The intifada; Israeli arms sales; Israel in Africa; disinfommation and Libya; ClA's William Buckley; the Afghan arms pipeline and contra lobby.

Issue 31 (1989)

Special-domestic surveillance: The FBI, CIA on campus; Office of Public Diplomacy; Lexington Prison; Puerto Rico.

Issue 32 (1989)

Tenth Year Anniversary Issue: The Best of CAIB. Includes articles from our earliest issues, Naming Names, CIA at home, abroad, and in the media Ten-year perspective by Philip Agee.

Issue 33 (1990)

Bush Issue: CIA agents for Bush; Terrorism Task Force; El Salvador and Nicaragua intervention; Republicans and Nazis.

Issue 34 (1990)

FBVCIA Role in Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.; Nicaraguan elections, South African death squads, U.S. and Pol Pot, Noriega and the CIA; Council for National Policy.

Issue 35 (1990)

Special-Eastem Europe; Analysis-Persian Gulf & Cuba; massacres in Indonesia; CIA and Banks; Iran-contra.

Issue 36 (1991)

Special-Racism & Nat. Secunty. FBI v. Arab-Ams. & Black Officials; Destabilizing Africa; Chad, Uganda, S. Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Zaire; Haiti; Panama; Gulf War; COINTELPRO "art."

Issue 37 (1991)

Special-Gulf War, Media; U.N.; Libya, Iran, Domestic costs- N. Korea Next?; Illegal Amms deals.

Issue 38 (1991)

Special-DoD, CIA recruitment of U.S. & intemational students; Arif Durrani's Iran-Contra case; Moon & Academia, Targeting environmentalists; CIABASE database review.

Issue 39 (1991-92)

Special-The "Good" Agencies; NED; Peace Corps; USAID & AIDS; Natl. Cancer Inst. & Bio.War; Population Control; Casolaro; FBI & Supreme Court; Robert. Gates; USSR destabilization; BCCI.

Issue 40 (1992)

Indigenous Peoples; N. America: toxic dumps, Leonard Peltier interview; Guatemala: U.S. policy & indigenous; Rigoberta Menchu; Pol Pot Retums; E. Timor Massacre; U.S. in Pacific, GATT; David Duke.

Issue 41 (1992)

Special-Next Enemies- LA Uprising; Geo. Bush and CIA; Bush Family; Eqbal Ahmad; UN: U.S. Tool; Nuclear Proliferation; Environmentalist Attacked; U.S. Economic Decline; Dissent as Subversion.

Issue 42 (1992)

Agee on Covert Ops; Peru; Fluonde; VP Bush and CIA; Nicaragua; SO/LIC; Militarizing the Drug War; CIA Targets Gonzalez; Bush Inaugural Leak; Rev. Moon Buys University.

Issue 43 (1992-93)

Chemical and biological war: Zimbabwe, So. Africa, and anthrax; Gulf War Syndrome; Agent Orange; Scientific racism; Yellow Rain & Wall Street Journal; Plus: Yugoslavia destabilization; U.S. Religious Right; Somalia.

Issue 44 (1993)

Special-Public relations, buying influence, Hill & Knowlton, Burson-Marsteller, Clinton Cabinet; Somalia:"humanitarian" intervention, Rio Summit Greenwash, BCCI-CIA; Clinton & Nat. Sec. Act; Anb-Gay plans.

Issue 45 (1993)

South Africa Right's Links; German Neo-Nazis; HIV Haitians; Interview: Fred Weir in Russia; Police Target Black Youth; ADL Spying; Pelican Bay Prison; Ireland's Youth; Angola Profiteers.

Issue 46 (1993)

Economic intelligence; Israel & Iran; NSA; School of Amencas Ex-adviser reveals cover-up; Private prisons; Delta justice; Savannah River.

Issue 47 (1993-94)

15th Anniversary: FBI vs. Bari; Russian October Coup; Rocky Flats Jury; NAFTA Trilateralists; Zinn on FBI, Dellinger on '908; Cold War Quiz; Ginsberg on CIA; Mumia Abu-Jamal; World Bank/lMF; Evergreen Air UN/CIA Proprietary.

Issue 48 (1994)

Chiapas Uprising; CIA & NAFTA; U.S. Sells Out Haiti; Iran-Contra Report- L.A.-8; U.S. mercenaries in Azerbaijan; Council for Nat. Policy; Guatemala's Drug Generals.

Issue 49 (1994)

Montesinos, Fujimori, and Peru; Turabi/Sudan; Operation Gladio; U.S. atom tests on humans; Armenia and Azerbaijan; So. Africa's Left; Salvador's Elections.

Issue 50 (1994)

Operation Condor; Clinton's Crime Bill; Carto's Liberty Lobby; Monfort's Meatpackers; Low Intensity Democracy; NRO & Intelligence Budget.

Issue 5l (1994-95) U.S. Interests in Haiti- Canadian Intelli gence Abets Neo-Nazis; Brockhaven Lab and Cancer; U.S. in Bulgaria; Repackaging Population; Asylum Rights for Women; The CIA Budget; Paramilitary Vacations; Bud McFarlane book review.

Issue 52 (1995)

Rwandan Genocide; Proposition 187; Rise of Militias; Neo Nazi Anti-Abortion Links; Groom Lake; Wall Street Pressures Mexico; Human Radiation Update; Corporations Fund Research; NSA in Cyberspace; Internet Resources; Warren Anderson located.

Issue 53 (1995)

Gulf War Syndrome Cover-Up; Militia and Military; Frank Donner; Arab Bashing; Hiroshima: Cold War Bomb; Iraqui Embargo; Guatemala: DeVine Murder; Bhopal; FISA Court; Omnibus Antiterrorism Act; Fourth Amendment Violation.

Issue 54 (1995)

Chomsky on corporate propaganda; Bosnia forum; U.S. in Kurdistan; obit for Sasakawa; Labor Now: NAFTA layoffs, Prison Labor, AFL C10 in Russia, Private Security Guards, Walter Reuther.

Issue 55 (1996)

Police vs. Citizen Review; Corporate Assault on FDA; PR Industry Wars on Activists; Colin Powell; UN at 50/Castro Speech; Economic Intelligence; Spains's GAL Scandal; East Timor-Britain Arms Indonesia; Bosnia forum continued.

Number 56 (1996)

Chomsky on "enduring truths"; High-Tech surveillance; Militarizing US/Mexico border; Papper Gas; Guyana mining disaster; Economics behind fall of Yugoslavia; Russian nationalism; US/Korea partnership and Kwangju; La Belle bombing.

Number 57 (1996)

Six-pack of lies, Racism in the ranks, White-collar crime, Common Law courts, INS detention, Buying the Russian elections, Chomsky on the US and Haiti, US-Israel cooperation, Anonymous remailers, Nukes in Space.

Number 58 (1996)

Burmese Gulag; Estrogen Mimickers & Endoctrin Distupters; Globalization of Crime and Capital; "/Counter-Terrorism" documents; Black church burnings; AID and the environment; Brookhaven whistleblowers; AIDS Conspiracy debunked.

Issue 59 (1996-97)

Special-- New Age of Surveillance: Hager on ECHELON; Spooks in Cyberspace and on the Internet; Canadian Spy World; NSA's Plan; and NIMA. Also: Privatizing Welfare; Mexico and SOA; Afghanistan; CIA Drug-Connection.

Issue 60 (1997)

Probe's Plutonium Missing; Peru: MRTA, Guerilla U., Toxic Trail, and Japan; Prison Labor; Unionbusting; University-Business Links; US Military and Columbia; FBI-CIA; Sudan: Slaver and Social Engineering.

Issue 61 (1997)

Turkey's state-linked killers; Privatizing Handord Nuke; Policing Activists; US torture manuals; US arms Mexico's drug war; NATO Expands; Spooks in Congress.

Issue 62 (1997)

U.S. and Pol Pot; Paramilitary policing; Selling SWAT; Mercenary armies and minerals; Mad Cow disease; Free radio; Che and the CIA; Visit to CIA; Vaclav Havel.

Issue 63 (1997)

Right-wing think tanks; South African torture; chemical-biological warfare; NSA’s Crypto AG; Promise Keepers.

Issue 64 (1998)

Vietnam; Iraq sanctions; Political control technology; Jihad; Pinochet; Drug war fungus; Burma; Singapore heroin trade.

Issue 65 (1998)

Philip Agee; Ramsey Clark; Mumia Abu-Jamal; Serb demonization; Bosnia TV disinformation; Media evasions; NGOs in Latin America; Russian “reform”; War on Cuba; Assata Shakur; Ron Ridenhour; CIA vs. Daniel Tsang; CIA mistaken identities.

Issue 66 (1998-99)

Pinochet; Palestinian Authority; Tomahawks; Sudan; Pentagon bucks; PanAm 103; Laurent Kabila interview; Algeria; Richard Holbrooke; NATO; Izetbegovitch; FBI’s “espionage” trial.

Issue 67 (1999)

Mumia Abu-Jamal; NATO bombing and “Greater Albania”; Humanitarian intervention in Kosovo; Roma people; William Walker; Richard Holbrooke; Ocalan; Police militarization; Tupac Shakur; CIA and labor; CIA drug smuggling; Leonard Peltier.

Issue 68 (1999)

East Timor; Colombia; Panama; Cuba vs. U.S.; Serbia; NATO in Kosovo; KLA and drugs; MPRI; Urban Warrior; Homeland defense; Poverty globalization.

Issue 69 (2000)

Congo; Chechnya; Colombia; Ecuador; Iraqi oil; Depleted uranium; Yugoslavia; India; Cyprus; Bosnia-Herzegovina; Seattle/WTO; “Emergency management”; Hunger politics; Global water; Climate; Prison-industrial complex; Military civil disturbance planning; CIA and Cold War.

Issue 70 (2001)

Bush and environment; Mullah aid; Dick Held; “Non-lethal” weapons; Summit of the Americas; Israeli Nukes; Kissinger; Star Wars; Yugoslavia; Antonin Scalia; Bush and Blair; Rep. Rob Simmons; 10 Worst Corporations; Statement by Leonard Peltier.

Issue 71 (2001)

Depleted uranium; Political Islam; Plan Puebla-Panama; USA Patriot Act; War Criminals; Israel and Hamas; Palestinian right of return; Domestic Anthrax; Plan Colombia; CIA visa machine; DoD vs. environment.

Issue 72 (2002)

Police violence; ISI, CIA & Taliban; Palestine; Venezuela plotting and coup; Earl Silbert and Enron; U.S. Designs on Iraq; Argentina bankrupted; Attack on Indian Parliament; Global rollback; Elie Hobeika.

Issue 73 (2002)

Torture; Jenin and Amnesty International; Academia and CIA; Pakistan; 50 Years of Coups-Iran to Venezuela; Plutonium in Space; U’wa vs. Occidental Oil; Why NATO?

Issue 74 (2002)

Jenin and Human Rights Watch; George Soros stage-managing imperialism; Religious fascists and the CIA in Bosnia; End of Posse Comitatus; Brown & Root; James Petras on Argentina; Rwanda injustice; Revving up Bush’s war machine; Smashing the Kurds.

Issue 75 (2003)

Homeland Security Phoenix-style; Space-Based imperialism; First Nations fight back; Tobacco smokescreen; Denver police files; Victory for Judi Bari; Bhopal; Presidential deceits; When will Bush fall?

Issue 76 (2004)

Edward Said Presente; Haiti’s murderous army reborn; “Gene Bombs”; Guantanamo detainees; Racist war/Media on Iraq; IBM collaboration with apartheid; Racism, sexism, militarism and John Kerry; World Social Forum; India.

Issue 77 (2004)

Million Worker March; Israel-U.S. connections against Iraq; Sabotage in North Korea; The bombing of PanAm 103 and Libya; Genocide and Chiapas; Analysis of Hate Crime Report; Kathy Kelly prison diary.

Issue 78 (2005)

Yasser Arafat’s legacy remains heroic; The seven deadly spins; Time Warp! (Or a “Warped Time”); Haitian version of apartheid; Sudan and Darfur; Supreme Court and “enemy enemy combatants”; Taser turmoil; Kathy Kelly prison diary 2; Torture of prisoners in U.S. custody.

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