Wednesday, August 17, 2011

9/11 First Responders Barred From This Year's Ground Zero Ceremony

This year, if you can believe it, 9/11 first responders WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to attend the 9/11 memorial ceremony in NYC ... perhaps because they will talk about explosions, not being covered for health issues ...etc?

New York City police officers attend last year's September 11 memorial ceremony. First responders are not invited this year.

New York (CNN)
-- When debris rained from the sky in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, the first responders to the terrorist attack did not turn away. They rushed to the World Trade Center buildings while the world around them crumbled.

Yet now, after all the wreckage has been cleared and the rebuilding has begun, their path is again blocked -- not by flying chunks of smoldering rubble, but by space constraints.

The first responders are not invited to this year's September 11 memorial ceremony at ground zero, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office confirmed Monday.

It's a painful insult for many of the approximately 3,000 men and women who risked their lives, limbs and lungs on that monumental day, puncturing another hole in a still searing wound.

In a statement, Bloomberg spokesman Andrew Brent said the commemoration ceremony is for the victims' families.

"While we are again focused on accommodating victims' family members, given the space constraints, we're working to find ways to recognize and honor first responders, and other groups, at different places and times," Brent said.

But first responder John Feal, founder of an advocacy group for the police officers, firefighters, civilian volunteers and others who worked at ground zero, assailed Brent's response, saying Bloomberg "lives in his own world."

"The best of the best that this country offered 10 years ago are being neglected and denied their rightful place," Feal said.
Denise Villamia, a first responder who worked at ground zero for several months, cried over the phone as she recalled her "totally heartbroken" reaction to the news that she could not attend the memorial service.

"I'm crying because it's really a big betrayal on the part of the city, to rob me from my way to pay homage and to find that comfort and healing," she said. "I feel that I have been robbed of my way to pay tribute."

In addition to the victims' families, several politicians, including two presidents, are expected to be in attendance. Bloomberg's office would not provide specifics on the ceremony's arrangements, but did note that the first responders have not been invited to the preceding nine memorial services, either.

Yet first responder Morris Faitelewicz, vice president of the Auxiliary Police Supervisors Benevolent Association, called that explanation "nonsense." Faitelewicz said that, while there are not usually formal invitations, first responders have been able to attend all of the previous ceremonies simply by showing up.

Not allowing them to attend this year -- the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks -- is an especially galling affront, he said.
Additionally, many of the first responders see the decision, first reported by the New York Daily News, as evidence of the city's attempt to push to the background their untreated ailments in the official narrative of recovery and renewal.

If the responders attend the memorial service, "the promise 'we'll never forget' becomes a blatantly obvious lie -- a public display that the government didn't do right by us," says Bonnie Giebfried, a first responder.

"It'll bring up the issue that we're basically walking dead, and that we're not being treated."

Despite the passage in December of the $4.2 billion Zagroda Act, which provides medical treatment and compensation to responders, many first responders told CNN that the government has failed to address their health needs.

Giebfried has suffered from a failing liver and kidneys, a crushed arm, elbow and wrist; post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic fatigue, encroaching lupus and other diseases. All were caused by the dust, debris and other substances to which she was exposed on 9/11, she said.

On that day, Giebfried, an emergency medical technician at the time, was twice entombed in sheared building fragments, and twice escaped.

She and her partner, Jennifer Beckham, transported people to safety and set up makeshift triage stations. She watched bodies hit the ground and explode "like a bouncing ball," and suffered three asthma attacks through a harrowing day of devastation.

Giebfried said her ongoing medical travails have disabused her of the belief that the United States honors and looks after its service members. Being excluded from the memorial proceedings was yet another confirmation of this, she said.

"If the Founding Fathers ever saw what had happened to us responders, they would roll over in their graves," she said. 

"Leaving first responders and survivors out of the 10th anniversary is absolutely ludicrous."

Her frustrations were echoed by others.

Father Stephen Petrovich, who drove to ground zero from Huron, Ohio, hours after the terrorists struck, spent weeks at the site removing and blessing the remains of shattered bodies. While there, he says, he inhaled carcinogens that damaged his lungs, and is now in hospice care.

"I don't think they want us there because of all the problems we've had," Petrovich said. "It's like we've been dropped off the face of the earth."

In July, the World Trade Center Health Program, which administers funds from the Zagroda Act, ruled that first responders would not receive compensation for cancer treatment because there is no established causal link between the incidence of cancer and exposure to the site on September 11, citing a dearth of "published scientific and medical findings."

A first responder who also spent months at ground zero, the Rev. Terry Lee called not being invited back for the ceremony "a rip in the heart."

Lee said the country should honor those who responded at its most dire hour of need to encourage others to respond to crises.

"I believe attending will help the healing process ... if we go; we can tell our fellow man to get involved, because, 'hey, America takes care of its own.'"


  1. I am waiting for the day the so called brave people in USA stand up for what is right. Americans speak a lot but so far it's all hot air and bovine excrement. USA is under Zionist occupation. What happened to Germany will happen to USA very soon.

  2. The first responders should go on strike and let that city burn to the ground. 9/11 was in inside job. All of the first responders heard bombs going off. Building 7 collapses for no reason. We find a hijacker's passport in the Wow, you can't make this stuff up. The official story is so ridiculous that it is absurd. No records of the massive elevator maintenance project. The unprecedented building power down in WTC2 a week before 9/11. I could go on and on, but they are eager to get the ground zero mosque up and ban the first responders from ceremonies. Bloomberg does nothing about it.

  3. Officials don't want them talking to the press about their hearing and feeling explosions before the two planes hit, before the three towers fell!

  4. If any one belongs at the ceremony, it is the
    first responders who risked their lives and
    continue to risk their lives on a a daily
    basis by just breathing. Sure this was an
    inside job - mossad and various inside terrorists who closed entire floors in the WTC's
    so the inside terrorists could paint nanothermite on the steel beams. I, too, could go on and on. Emotions run
    high for the first responders and may expose
    information vital to We the People.

  5. Screw Bloomberg.

    They should show up anyway. What's the police gonna do about their fellow civil servants, arrest them for attending an event where several lost their lives while trying to save others?

  6. Could you imagine if the barred Veterans from a ceremony at Pearl Harbor?

  7. Having the truth come spewing out like hot lava would not do now, would it? Apparently you people do not dare face the reality that the WTCs I,II,and 7 were preloaded during construction to insure vertical collapse instead of falling over by common agreement. The Sears (Willis)tower is likewise set up. Still. Go look at it. The occupancy and radioactivity at WTC ground-zero finishes the story. Inside job with the Bush cabal Silverstein and his buddies and Mossad mercenaries. Nanothermate inefficiently placed blew the core in half. The entire structure was loaded and precision set bottom to top during construction. I have known for 41 years. It should be quite obvious to you. If not, talk to a real neutral party engineer. Most top management in the know have died of old age. The rest of you disappoint me in never caring to go beyond hypothesizing and never wanting to discuss who and when and why. I speak the truth here. Get a grip. Are you waiting for all the witnesses and perps to die? Watching Hillary throw herself over a victim's coffin is going to make me hurl. I hope somebody tosses a toy black .38 revolver up on stage for her without getting hurt.
    The civil servants who died and the public deserve to have their attackers' brought to justice. Number ONE, fire the victims' attorney. The perps have continued their attacks on the U.S.. And that seems O.K. with most people.

  8. They should show up... and talk to everyone they can! LET IT OUT! People need to know the TRUTH - and if they are in denial cuz of conspiracy "nuts' then the FIRST RESPONDERS aren't "nuts" .... they are HEROES!


  9. Watch the Dimitri Khalezov videos. NYC was nuked.

  10. I'm sure Larry Silverstein will make a grand appearance to promote his profits...I mean plan for rebuilding.

    911 is only a propaganda platform now.

  11. Since the beginning, The United States began with an act of inhumanity and disgracefulness to acquire this land that we call home. The mass killings, just as those of the Native Americans, are taking place today, just in a modern situation and era with more complex methods. The United Staes will not last. We have had more wars and conflicts than any other country in the World, and we've only been around about three centuries. The NWO and globalists have already won, there is nothing "We The People" can do because the operation to take over the World and subject humanity to enslavement is already upon. It's progressed so far and we have bought into the BS for so long, they have us exactly where they want us. There are too may peoiple in this Country who are so accustomed to their life style and ciompletely blinded by Main-Stream Media that there is no hope for America. I pray that we all survive the coming storm, and I hope everyone takes the precautions necessary to protect tho ones they love and care about because once everythign hits the fan, it's all over. Call me radical, call me insane, I do not care. It's the sad, and scary, truth which we all will have to face one way or another. AMERICA, please wake up and see for yourself. Instead of watching television or going on Facebook, do the research and see what is going on that the media is not teloling us about because they are paid to shut their corporate, lap-dog mouths. take care everyone, this is the second time i bid farewell lol

  12. I am Walter Hillegass. I come to you all because I am a 9/11 1st responder who was recently declined for SSI disability and Workers Comp relating to my volunteering during the 1st week of 9/11. I have had enough of this system and the way people like me are being systematically swept off to the side when we dug with our bare hands surrounded by smoke and body parts. We dug up family members, NYPD, FDNY and civilian remains...and we got sick doing it...and this is what we and I get in return. I intend on making them listen posting videos which i have already started on You Tube under 9/11 1st responder rally cry. To all 1st responders, the time has come to make noise and make yourselves be heard...because I am not going anywhere.

    1. This guy is a complete fraud. All of his evidence that he was there is bogus.

    2. This guy is a complete fraud. All of his evidence that he was there is bogus.

  13. Hahahahaha. This country is so full of lies and deceit I'm even beginning to get shocked American's haven't started to fight back? This is a cover up. 9/11 was an inside job. Jesus are you serious? Not allow the people who risked their lives of which many have died as result attend? It's because they know it's a sham!!!

  14. Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff. I am impressed with this web site , really I am a big fan, thank you!


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