Monday, February 21, 2011

Top Ten Reasons We Should All Be Protesting

by Mike Rivero

10. Because Obama and Congress are just like Wisconsin Governor Walker. They cut taxes and are pretending the budget crisis must be solved by cutting Social Security and Medicare.

9. Because the banking industry just manufactured a 'foreclosure crisis' based on fraud and illegal activities, stealing millions of people's homes, throwing them out on the streets and robbing pension funds in their scheme to bundle bad debts.

8. Because whenever there's a scandal, all we get is a "bi-partisan commission" shit sandwich. Face it- both parties are hopelessly corrupt- waiting for the next Diebold election is not the answer.

7. Because the Social Security Trust Fund was funded for the upcoming boomer years, until Clinton and Bush stole from it to pay for wars and tax cuts and now the politicians are lying to us because they don't want to pay it back.

6. Because the Government gave away Trillions to bankers so they could continue to make record profits without even ensuring they help the American people one bit, and now they are coming for your Social Security to pay for it.

5. Because your government wasted or 'lost' billions in two unnecessary wars, 'lost' 2.3 Trillion at the Pentagon and the only person that ever looked into it was fired... and they are coming for your Social Security money to pay for it.

4. Because the Government has wasted billions of dollars creating a whole new BIG Government Department of Homeland Security so they could subvert the Constitution illegally spying on US citizens. Former Homeland Security Department Chertoff is now making money x-raying your family and touching your junk at the airport.

3. Because the Government refused to even look at removing profit from health care, which is a driving force causing states to go bankrupt, as well as most personal bankruptcies in the country.

2. Because Obama was supposed to be Change We Can Believe In, and yet the wars continue at full speed, with drone strikes dramatically up, military spending is higher than ever, yet the poor and the old have to 'feel the pain' in our shared sacrifice. It's fucking bullshit!

And the Number One Reason We Should All Be Protesting

1. Because the evildoers continue to loot the nation thanks to our Congress being full of Useful Idiots, with one "Representative" so stupid he thinks that Guam might tip over - ROFLYAO Video

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