Friday, January 14, 2011

Thriller Author Recruited By DHS to Dream Up Terror Attacks for 'Red Cell' Program 'Horrified' at How Easy It Is to Attack US

Ed. thought: Just one more reason to show how this whole phony war on scarerorism is all scripted, the same way 9/11 had been, dreamt up in the back rooms of think tanks, military contractor firms and outsourced intelligence companies.

What follows below is the scenario wrapped in patriotism as the author starts his book selling tour. The East German Stasi, like the SS, had culled together a great group the same way and eventually had one out of four people spying for the state, wives reporting on husbands, brothers snitching to the state on sisters, kids on their grandparents.

As the author states with unquestioning nationalistic programming, "But there were far more professors and transportation employees, musicians and software programmers - regular people whose names will never be known and whom you'll never hear about." 

Be aware that everyday, people, your colleagues, your neighbors are some of these people scripting terrorism and working for the shadow government - and you'll never know until it is too late. Current polling shows 80% of the US population question the government's version of 9/11, the Official Conspiracy Theory. There is always a 16 to 20% group that sides with the government anytime they are exposed in any negative light, and here is one of them. Remember that the next time you see a poll about US crimes against humanity, and remember this guy as he watches his federal paycheck clear through his direct deposit. Don't buy this Vichy Regime styled collaborator's book, unless to see what the enemy is writing about, but make sure to apply your five-finger-discount great recession coupon code. Better yet, support an alternative, self published author instead.

From NYDailyNews | I was a real-life secret agent. I didn't have the hand-grenade cuff links or the poison-dart pen, but in 2004 I was recruited by the Department of Homeland Security for its Red Cell program.

As they described it - and as The Washington Post later reported - Red Cell was the government's way of trying to anticipate how terrorists would next attack the United States. To do that, the government brought together what they called "out-of-the-box thinkers."
As a novelist who writes thrillers with scenes that take place in the underground tunnel below the White House, I was somehow identified as one of those thinkers.
Sometimes I was paired with a psychologist or a philosopher. Sometimes I was contacted alone, via email, and given a target to attack.
I'm not allowed to tell you what the targets were. Or where they were. But I can say that we'd destroy major cities like my hometown, New York. In minutes. And when I went home at night, I felt horrified, because I saw how easy it was to kill us.
But what inspired me more than anything else were the other people sitting next to me in that room. Sure, there were "real" heroes, members of the FBI and CIA, who helped us with vital facts. But there were far more professors and transportation employees, musicians and software programmers - regular people whose names will never be known and whom you'll never hear about.
Let me be clear: Those unseen heroes are everywhere. And they help us every day. And the best part? It's been true throughout our history. Indeed, as I researched my newest thriller, "Inner Circle," I found that back during the Revolutionary War, a secret presidential spy ring was started by none other than George Washington.
Washington called it the Culper Ring, and it was made up of ordinary citizens who operated throughout New York and Long Island. People just like you. Throughout the war, they moved information, gathered secrets about the British and never told anyone about their existence. In fact, even George Washington didn't know all their names. But this ring of civilians was so amazing at transporting secret information for Washington, they helped win the Revolutionary War for us.
And you'll never read about them in most history books.
These days, nearly every New Yorker knows at least one unseen hero. Most of them will remain "invisible" forever. But that invisibility may just be the most beautiful part of the story.
Indeed, most people don't set out to be heroes. Most people are just living their lives - until a moment arrives, and they're called to serve.
But as I saw in the Red Cell program, that's how history always works. History is a selection process. But it doesn't just choose people and moments. History chooses all of us. Every single day.
Brad Meltzer's newest thriller, "The Inner Circle," hits stores Tuesday. The author will read from the book at the Union Square Barnes & Noble, at 17th St. (off Fifth Ave.), Tuesday night at 7.

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  1. Of course it is easy. The whole concept is unintelligent. It violates the whole foundational understanding of human behavior. 'Totally random target and method' serial killers can only be got by pure luck 'margin of error facts no one can control' and they make mistakes. Like that Telefon movie: if regular Joe spontaneously decides to attack - he will succeed, duh. You can only combat vicious violence but treating the disease. Poverty, lack of education, lack of opportunity - are leading causes of humans becoming violent. Humans by nature are EXTREMELY non violent. Super rare for a human to lash back even when deserved. How many people kill police after the police actually did plant evidence on them? Like 1 in 3,000,000 of their victims. The Game and Chaos rules are totally clear. It is impossible to plan against spontaneous transformation of criminal minds. All you can do it change the environment to make them not want to do it. A good start would be not bombing some man's wife and kids. Even then, (this happens daily) they just live with it. Crazy or not, mistaken or not, this hoax word 'terrorism' which does not even exist in political science - are people wanting REVENGE. Revenge is a reaction, not an action. It is the second move. The first move was them believing they were wronged. Better your odds by stop doing crime to people to make them that angry.


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