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Russian Airport Bombing: Israel Strikes Back

A suicide bomber attacked Moscow's busiest airport

Timing is everything when waging war “by way of deception,” the motto that has long guided Israeli war-planners. Whenever Israel’s geopolitical goals are threatened, chaos is assured. In national security terminology, the January 24 bombing at Moscow’s busiest airport was “out of theater repositioning.”

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Israeli 'Security' Firm ICTS Helped Provide 'Security' at Russia's Domodedovo Airport

First among Tel Aviv’s priorities is their need to maintain traction for the latest geopolitical narrative: a “global war on terrorism” against “Islamo-fascism.” The fact that America’s two latest wars serve Israeli goals remains largely unmentioned in Western media.

Russian President in Palestine
Six days prior to the Moscow bombing, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev traveled to the West Bank to endorse a Palestinian state with its capital East Jerusalem. He pointedly noted “this was the first visit of a Russian president to Palestine not united with a visit to another country” (Israel).
Then he joined a fast-lengthening list of nations confirming that, to date, 109 of 192 United Nations member countries support a resolution recognizing Palestinian statehood.
Though the U.S. reliably vetoes Security Council resolutions at Israel’s request, sentiments are shifting as a global public awakens to the costs of the U.S.-Israeli relationship.
Numerous Latin American nations recently extended recognition to Palestine. Ireland just announced an upgrade in its relationship to embassy status.

Out-of-Theatre Repositioning
When waging war from the shadows, Zionist war-planners concentrate their efforts on key variables. Thus the fear in Tel Aviv that emerging events are loosening control of the Israel lobby over U.S. foreign policy.
To sustain a global “war on terrorism,” instability must be sustained. Anyone familiar with the Israeli use of strategic duplicity found it unsurprising when multiple crises emerged “unexpectedly” in North Africa.

Unrest in Tunisia
Unrest in Tunisia triggered a change in government followed by unrest in Mauritania, Algeria, Yemen and Egypt. During a recent Arab League meeting, Secretary-General Amr Mousa cautioned that the contagion could spread.
If so, look for the price of energy to soar, further weakening leaders in the debt-ridden West where restive populations already face fewer services, higher taxes —and more debt.
Misdirection also plays a role in such well-timed crises. Tel Aviv just released a report justifying Israel’s deadly boarding of a Turkish vessel last May in international waters carrying aid to Gaza. Yet a post-mortem found 30 Israeli bullets in the bodies of nine dead activists, including one shot four times in the head.
Akin to the 911 Commission Report that obscured the anti-Zionist motivation for that mass murder, news of this Israeli attack was obscured by reports of a bombing in Moscow and a leak that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas secretly agreed to cede Palestinian land to Israel.
That well-timed leak weakened the Palestinian president while the bombing weakened the Russian president when this well-timed crisis forced his cancellation of a keynote address to world leaders at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Multiple Motives
When deploying deceit to wage war, Zionists catalyze mental impressions meant to link events in the public’s mind. Thus the critical role of timing when advancing a thematic narrative such as The Clash of Civilizations. [Samuel P. Huntington]

Aboard the Mavi Marmara, Massacre on the Mediterranean
These latest events heightened tensions worldwide as both fear and the requisite loathing were reinforced by yet another series of well-timed crises. When faced with the threat that its Islamo-fascist storyline is losing traction, what else can Zionists do?
Confronted with the possibility that the West may withdraw support for its six-decade occupation of Palestine, what is Tel Aviv to do? Facing the prospect of global censure for its murder of Turkish activists, how can Israel divert attention?
Tel Aviv is backed into a corner. Overwhelming evidence confirms that Zionists generated the false intelligence that induced the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.
Though the Israel lobby retains its control over U.S. lawmakers, the American public is fast realizing how many crises originate with those who consider themselves above the law.
To Betray, First Befriend
What are Americans to do when faced with a devious enemy—posing as an ally—whose operatives consider themselves Chosen by a god of their own choosing? With mainstream media dominated by those complicit in this duplicity, how can this chokehold be released?
As a duped electorate slowly awakens to how they were deceived—and by whom—how do Americans make amends for the damage done by their Israeli-compliant lawmakers?

"You can’t have an Israeli policy other than what AIPAC gives you around here," said former U.S. Senator Ernest Hollings.
Those determined to defeat this ‘enemy within’ must first make this treason transparent. As the common source of this corruption becomes apparent, accountability can commence.
Americans do not yet grasp that we have long been the target of ongoing capital crimes. Zionists know that our continued ignorance is the key to their continued impunity. With knowledge comes the power to prosecute those complicit. Therein lies the challenge.
Aware of the future that awaits them, Zionists are becoming desperate and even more dangerous. An escalation of violence is assured until the full force of international law is turned on those who have long flaunted the law in pursuit of their extremist agenda.
- Jeff Gates is author of Guilt By Association – How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. See

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  1. That's what they get for recognizing Palestine.
    It's obvious who did it. There's a six-pointed star written all over this.

  2. most people know that the USA and Mossad are responsible for this bombing, these 2 fascist Zionist groups support this , problem is Why do the russians put up with all this horsesh*t from these Zionist p*gs????

  3. Are you for real? Why not figure out some rationale for why
    Israel, the Zionists, Mossad and the USA are directly responsible for snow falling and earthquakes. GET REAL

  4. It is very clear that Israhell is at the bottom of this. Zionism=Terrorism

  5. A tree is known by its' fruit. When the fruit is bad the tree should be removed from the orchard and replaced by another tree that will produce good fruit.
    As for anonymous, yes the USA can create earthquakes and manipulate the weather.
    Is it possible that there is more than one bad tree in the orchard?

  6. This story has vanished from the zionist controlled Western main stream media within 24 hours of the attack. That alone speaks volumes of the state that is behind this horrific terrorist attack. Israel.

  7. If you guys are right about Israel, do you suppose Russia does not know?

  8. Are you kidding me, anyone who knows any thing about geo politics can tell who is behind this. The Russian President gives his support to Palestine and kaboom there is a TNT blast at the busiest Russian airport. It is time to make people accountable for their actions. The sooner the Americans realize that they need to rid themselves of the cancer the better.

  9. Don't you worry! The Russians & Putin will have their answer for the psychopatic country!
    Oi Vei....Antisemitism!!!!!!

  10. Quite a good article, except for the omission of including the 9-11 attack on the list...But, yes, does Russia ever respond to these actions?...Remember Beslan?...Wasn't Russian oligarch-Jew Berezovsky involved in funding the Chechen mob?...VERY INVOLVED?...Of course, Berezovsky in UK under Rothschild eye, so perhaps Russia cannot go to far there...But, if the Israelis behind this Domodedovo airport attack, will there be no response?...Perhaps some of us Americans who are aware of Zionist murders have been mistaken in expecting Putin to move against them...Medvedev seems even weaker...Perhaps he is a Russian Obama, under the Zionist 'spell'.

  11. If one wants to win a war, he must use different strategies that the enemy won't be able to detect. Probably, Israel is just too clever for anyone even the US or Russia. But we can never really be 100% sure who is behind all these chaotic events.


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