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America's Dirty Secret: How a Psycho-Sexual Cult Holds America Prisoner



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
On 9/11, the United States Air Force failed to respond to multiple hijacking reports, as required by well-established procedure.  Additionally, the NORAD defense system was placed  on “stand down” for the first time in its history.
Was the command and control of America’s defenses compromised because military leaders had joined a religious cult that believed  a “9/11 type” attack, a “Pearl Harbor” as it were, would justify a “holy war” coinciding with fringe interpretations of biblical prophecy?
Has an extremist cult “wormed” its way into defacto control of America’s military forces?
Controlling the military services through a “takeover” of the service academies and officer corps and, financed though moneyed special interests, achieving key control of all military oversight, both in congress and the executive branch, have religious extremists, a virtual American Taliban, become a threat to America and the world?
Through the bungling of high ranking members of a secretive “crusader cult,” headquartered at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, can we now explain the mysterious failures of the “war on terror,” the WMD hunt in Iraq and the Osama bin Laden fiasco, withholding the announcement of his death in 2001?
Many believe this cult has brought only scandal, drugs, corruption and rape to the military.  Are they responsible for the condition of our current force, worn thin, nearly 40% under psychiatric treatment, powerful and often harmful medications mixed with a continual diet of right wing politics and mysterious quasi-Christian biblical prophesy.
There is a controversy few Americans are aware of, one that appears to be tied to separation of church and state.   It is this, for sure, but much more, more than politics, more than controlling elections.  This is a controversy about the good order and discipline of the military forces of the United States, a controversy about chain of command.
It is, as will be shown, a controversy about who can make war and how we can keep those who profit from war from ending peace.  It is a controversy about who controls America’s nuclear arsenal and whether the American people are in control of their own destiny or have surrendered that power to a globalist cabal, a marriage of religious extremists, banking cartels and multi-national corporations.
The Dominionists are an extremist organization, really an apocalypse cult, pro-Zionist but Antisemitic.   Their core beliefs, as stated, are right out of the Middle Ages but, at heart, they are 21st century, “New World Order,  all about money, all about war for profit, all about talking war while others do fighting, the suffering and the dying.

Dominionists are one of a series of politically active religious cults currently in control of the United States Air Force and the Army.  They gained control though the chaplains corps years ago, led by a break-away Pentecostal sect and through the intercession of Lt. General William Boykin, who championed the politicization of the military by the GOP.
"Lt. General William Boykin"
Lt. General William Boykin
Lt. General Boykin, described by one of his top aides as having “gone off the deep end” is said to talk about little but “Clash of Cultures, the destruction of “non-believers” even if it means the nuclear obliteration of the United States in the process.
Boykin is one of the army of former military pundits who harp on threats of America being invaded by Muslim hordes.
It is noted that the service academies, not only don’t teach but won’t allow discussions of the fact that Muslim nations control only 3% of the world’s military and that no Islamic nation has a deployable military force, no aircraft carriers, no troop transports, air/sea or otherwise, no long range bombers, nothing at all.
We teach everything at our military academies General Boykin believes his g-d wants cadets to know.  Military reality has never been part of his repertoire.
Boykin, who believed George “W” Bush was chosen by g-d for the presidency, stating that the Supreme Court’s intercession on behalf of Bush proved conclusively that Bush had actually been  “appointed by g-d.” Boykin ran special operations and secret rendition programs for the military under the direct command of Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld.
"West Point" "Graduation Hat Toss"
West Point - Graduation Hat Toss
The Air Force Academy and West Point have been taken over, controlled for decades now.  This means that senior officers, those responsible, not only for the management of the academies but Pentagon operations, intelligence coordination and the all-important makeup of the officer corps itself, always a politicized undertaking, has been totally corrupted.
It is now impossible to function in America’s military while holding views loyal to the constitution and its tenets of separation of church and state and civilian control.  These areas of American tradition and law run contrary to covert policy.
Loyal, talented and capable officers are no longer in control.  The process that began in the academies has made certain of that.  Those who graduate from these schools have been subjected to years of indoctrination, propaganda and systematic pressure, threats, assaults and “brain washing.”
Some survive it, strengthened by enduring hardship and injustice, keeping their religious beliefs intact, keeping their allegiance to the United States.
Many do not.
However, those who fail the ethical and moral test, who succumb to pressure, to indoctrination, are the ones chosen to rise to power in the military.
If you wonder why commanders allow torture and rape in detention centers, why troops are sent to war unfit, exhausted and drugged, why troops are exposed to depleted uranium, dangerous medical treatments, unsafe inoculations, given poisonous food and water and nothing is said, no officer ever comes forward, you now know.
Defending the United States or serving as responsible military leaders is not part of the agenda taught our officers.  For our new “Talibanized” officer corps, murdering civilians in their homes in the middle of the night, our current strategy in Afghanistan, the “drone war” with its tens of thousands of women and children dead, this is their war.
They are killing “heathens” in a religious “crusade” taught to them by the Dominionist cult, whose claimed purpose is clear.
  • Kill every Muslim on earth
  • Destroy all human life in a nuclear apocalypse fulfilling Scofield’s interpretation of prophesy
Their real purpose, one not so public, but one clearly understandable based on what has been seen and proven:
  • Undermine civil authority and overturn the Constitution, creating a theocratic military dictatorship
  • Support  forces within the globalist power structure in their efforts to seize the world’s national resources, gaining military control of, first Central Asia followed by North Africa, all under the guise of fighting terrorism or spreading democracy
The pressure that members of the military are subjected to, cadets, recruits, serving military around the world, by the cult, one that controls promotions, forces soldiers and cadets in training to change religious beliefs, no Jews allowed, no Muslims, that we know for sure, has been carefully documented for years by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.
Oh, did we tell you, no Methodists, Mormons, Baptists and certainly not the 60% of Americans who choose to keep their beliefs private and avoid churches entirely, they aren’t allowed either.
Even most Evangelical Christians find themselves outside the definition of acceptable beliefs.  The American military has been hijacked by a “warrior cult” the majority of whose “warriors” are little more than administrators, “Pentagon princes” and “golf course commandos.”
"Cyrus Ingerson Scofield" "1920" "Scofield Bible"
Cyrus Scofield - 1920
The military cult is a bizarre offshoot of “Scofieldism,” a 19th century interpretation that strays more than slightly from mainstream Christianity, believing man has an active role in creating the horrors described by John in the Book of Revelations.
Psychologists, who have studied this cult, refer to it as psycho-sexual, based on a predilection that ties nudity and domination of women to a quasi-orgasmic “apocalypse.”
Continual references are made to the rapture, a common religious heresy involving images of naked bodies floating in the air, of domination and submission and especially of torture.
Peeling things back further, past the veneer of science fiction, we find, not just politics but the old political divisions, rich against poor, rural against urban, educated professionals against the ignorant, arguments very much a part of the era of Hitler and Stalin, in fact, Dominionism fits this model very well.
Everyone with access to electronic or print media has seen, at least some of the photographs of prisoners being sexually abused by American troops.  Not only would soldiers sexually humiliate prisoners, they would have sex in front of prisoners, a cycle of psycho-sexual depravity based on humiliation and sexual stimulation based on domination, control, submission and physical abuse.
This is what is at the heart of Dominionism, the driving force behind, not just America’s war prisons and military but its government as well.
Hear that whirring sound?  That’s Sigmund Freud spinning in his grave!
The rise of the male dominated sex cult, claiming to be “crusaders,” or “soldiers of the lord” or “fighter pilots of Christ” or one of a dozen or more dramatic sounding names, chosen to stir fears and exploit divisions, has also directly followed a startling increase in sexual assaults in the military.
"West Point" "Class of 1980"
West Point - Class of 1980
Stories of the undercurrent of depravity at the service academies, particularly the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and at West Point, have filled the media.  In 2008 alone, reported rapes at the Air Force Academy were up by 150% according to the Huffington Post.
We have all seen the stories, not just rape but murder as well, tabloid stuff, sexual jealousy and the like.  Note that these reports are from tightly controlled institutions with an “honor code” that is meant to prevent the public from learning of scandals. What is it we aren’t hearing?  What kind of institutions are we sending our sons and daughters to?
The problem with the Air Force Academy is that the sex scandals coincide with religious proselytizing the cadets are subjected to.
Moreover, the patterns of sexual abuse are seen to be centered around “religious life” at the Academies  with sexual abuse of cadets, both male and female, both heterosexual and homosexual abuse, both commonplace and routine.
The same “cult enforcers,” upperclassmen who have been reported as using physical assaults to proselytize for Dominionists, are also responsible for sexual assaults as well, assaults that aren’t simply “male on female” rape.
Sexual assaults, in a military steeped in forced religious indoctrination, are growing by epidemic proportions each year.  Religious beliefs that place women officers in a subservient position to enlisted males, not only are a factor in these criminal acts but a clear threat to military discipline and combat effectiveness as well.
Female officers candidates report that their instructors teach, as a matter of course, that women are inferior to men and are obligated by g-d to serve men at all times, even though the women are of command rank.  It would be impossible to find a single instance of irresponsibility more egregious than this.
Reports of just current religious, misuse of military rank and authority, within the military number at over 20,000, according to Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.
Most incidents aren’t reported at all, not forced attendance at religious events, not forced conversions and, particularly, not the majority of the rapes.
For years, the rumors have been there.  The Franklin Case presented evidence of a criminal organization, tied to a major political party, that kidnapped children as sex slaves for Washington’s elite.
We are told that an American president was seen at a Republican fundraiser where a gay sex orgy involving children was going on.  There was an attempt to blackmail the president over this, though there was never proof of his direct involvement in anyway.  The CIA was asked to step in.
In the process, the Franklin scandal was covered up and Washington DC was allowed to descend into a hellishness of depravity, human trafficking for sex, blackmail and even murder
The military was not immune, not hardly.  No activity in Washington involving government officials, lobbyists and the “rent boys” and prostitutes that service them is complete without a bevy of Pentagon “brass,” there to defend the national interest.
“National interest” is now clearly defined “below the waist.”
Wayne Madsen reported, last week, that President Obama and Emmanuel Rahm attended gay bathhouses in Chicago, a report lacking any supporting evidence, however.
Government insiders allude to George “W” Bush and a mysterious affection for a young ex-Marine.  The Bush White House staff was called, “the gay mafia.”
More well substantiated, however, through a multi-year FBI investigation into foreign spying inside the Executive branch, is voluminous evidence of, not one, but several top security advisors to President Bush, filmed having “informal” sexual liaisons in public restrooms with dozens of hours of audio tapes of them outlining the encounters to friends.
We are told that, on more than one occasion, the FBI has been ordered to end national security investigations because the individuals believed spying for a certain foreign government were capable of implicating America’s highest elected officials in, not only illicit sex but a pattern of behaviors that make the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal a joke.
The rash of “accidents” around Washington over the years, cars exploding in garages, dumpster deaths, bodies found in parks, on benches and the rumors, Condit, Cheney, Rove, Rosen, are only a continuation of the Franklin Case.
Friends in the Pentagon, highest levels, have told me, “I used to think that those who stayed after, that “special group” at Washington parties, headed upstairs to snort cocaine….”
"Steve Rosen"
Steve Rosen
The FBI tapes have been classified, the agents silenced, but in civil trials, such as the Rosen v. AIPAC defamation case, the trail of evidence, depositions from divorces of those involved for instance, describe the “Washington scene,” gay sex clubs, orgies, underage boys and girls and the highest officials, and the biggest abusers of all are the “moral majority” types that people the prayer breakfasts and are seldom seen without a flag on their lapel and a bible under their arm.
Washington sex parties have been talked about for decades since the virtual invasion of the capital by “big haired” preachers expecting a payoff for supporting the GOP from the pulpit.  Joining them, in government were the continually moralizing neo-cons, brought to power by Newt Gingrich’s original “Tea Party” movement.
Washington has changed, no longer strippers and call girls, the army of government “executive assistants” paid to keep errant “members” out of the public eye and out of the scandal sheets.
Today’s Washington is more about money, really big money, a nation’s wealth drained into a sewer of corruption and decadence.  While America’s cities decay, centers of homelessness and unemployment, Washington bustles with energy, of a sort.
Washington is a city of  private sex clubs, child prostitutes, national secrets passed out like party favors, as though they were billion dollar defense contracts, a nations future, trillions, not even billions, a nation mortgaged through skyrocketing debt, with war, religion and politics no more than a backdrop.
The flavor of the month in Washington, this month and every month is children, child pornography, child sex, disposable children, America’s “missing,” the children seen on milk cartons.
We no longer even count the missing children, 2500 recently in Arizona alone, loses centered around Tucson.  They aren’t runaways, not as young as 8 years old.
Child disappearances have always been considered local problem only,  never a national one, never spoken of, never discussed, as though disappeared children was a victimless crime.
Franklin was about child kidnappings, Franklin was documented and, if anything, the sexual tastes of a nation in moral free fall, should warn us that “Franklin” is still going on.
Most Americans are led to believe that the idea of our soldiers receiving religious services is a good thing.  The public is told about the teaching of values and morality, something vital during confusing wars, such as the ones America is engulfed in and has been for a decade, is part of American tradition.
What isn’t told is that the war crimes, torture, murder of civilians, has been largely the result of hatred and fear systematically instilled into members of the armed forces, a form of “brain washing” which, not only has indoctrinated hundreds of thousands to accept torture, murder and rape but has done so as part of a bizarre religious cult that is everything but Christian.
The American military contractors expelled from Afghanistan for bizarre sex parties were, not only working for companies owned by Dominionists, but were followers and adherents as well.
"Minot Air Force Base"
Minot Air Force Base

Far from “tradition,” an extremist group, more politics than religion, financed and supported by Wall Street, defense industries and the powerful Israel lobby, has taken control of most of America’s military command structure.  This control has threatened America’s security, particularly in the case of the “misplaced” nuclear weapons from Minot AFB in 2007.  Half a dozen hydrogen bombs attached to Cruise missiles, were stolen.  The public was given one cover story, then another.
Those who took the weapons were Dominionists, a psycho-sexual religious cult that worships nuclear Armageddon.  Ideation of suicide, worship of nuclear weapons and a sexual fixation with world suicide is a bad mix.  Give such a group control over the largest military arsenal on earth, which is exactly what we have done, and only the worst can be expected.


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  1. I really enjoyed this informative blog post. I would expect same in next post.

  2. this is the worst, most blatant example of disinformation i've seen on this site so far. it breaks my heart i thought that here i could find truth, at least more so than found elsewhere... seriously people... we don't even need an army, only the press if all knowledge was free then for every loser that tried to develop an atomic bomb there would be 200 patriots that would have already figured out a way to stop such a nut.

  3. sorry my previous comment lacked proper punctuation. please don't disregard it on such simple grounds, I am without a proper education.

  4. it shows realred - I suspect you are a neocon troll doing his/her job. Try confronting the facts - I am doing research into the Kanadian connection at NORAD during 911 - there are rumours senior embedded Kanadian commanders were privy to and help enable the standown - they may have been part of this same cult - Prime Minister Harper continues to cover-up war crimes in Afghanistan - the tip of the iceberg - good work Gordon. Hope to see our work dovetail and then we will see the reaping of the whirlwind.

  5. The US Air Farce has had only one chance in it's history to defend the American homeland and it failed spectacularly.

    The Farce's "Christian" zionists even look to the end of the world in their lifetime and are pushing for war, hate and other forms of malevolence at all levels. I can think of no other group that is as disturbed and dangerous as these.

  6. "And then shall that Wicked be revealed...all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saves. And for this cause God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (2 Thess. 2: 8-12)

    So if Gordon is telling the truth, and Dominionists and Christian Zionists have taken over the military, then God help us! And I do not take His name in vain when I say this!

  7. we all know that dick chenney order the stand down and we know aipac is the eyes and ears for the zionist nazies and we know that these zionists swore an oath to israel so no member of the goverment that swears an oath to israel can do any good for america period. check congress out and see for your self most has swore an oath to israel and from what obama is doing he probably has too or they would have killed him like they did jfk

  8. The US Air Farce has had only one chance in it's history to defend the American homeland and it failed spectacularly.
    ... - well this one IS good English!

  9. It's nice to find somebody else who "gets it". The only legitimate Christian path for those in the military is conscientious objector status. Basic military doctrine is all about hating the enemy (no exaggeration) and unrighteous domination. The polar opposite of Christ. And all this in defense of billionaires' fortunes. "Thou shalt not kill" has been a standing law from the beginning of civilization, overriding all others. Evangelicals and Zionists are just blind guides leading their followers into the ditch. But I do solemnly testify, as God lives, with a surety I am unable to convey, that there will be peace and war will be gone from the Earth. Forever.

  10. all the "perversion" crap is just leverage by the mossad to co-opt/enslave high-level assets.

    seriously -- if you wanted to enslave the military/bankster complex of a superpower, what better way could you choose than pix of geriatric powerbrokers cornholing "missing" 8-year-olds while on a black-out spree of coke/PCP/MDA/XTC (spiked with super-ultra covert mindbending psyops-chem-agents funded by coldwar gazillions in black dollars since the 50s) ?

    the armegeddon KKKult angle assuages the co-optee's guilt, and makes it easier to propagate.

  11. When I was in the Air Farce, two common things were obvious: the people who wanted justification, asked "why" or otherwise thought independently were labeled as "homosexuals". People on the inside, it was rumored, engaged in wife swapping and orgies of wife swapping. My neighbor actually got caught doing such. The recent conviction of an NCO for doing such, knowing he was infected with AIDS, made the news lately.

    Knowing what I know, this story is not all that off the rails as it might seem on the surface.

  12. Thinking it over, I am quite astonished Mormons are left out of the fun. Are they only permittted in the FBI and IRS? Indeed, Mormons are at the heart of another Dominist cult which grew out of the military.

    Author and journalist Nick Redfern has a new book out called Final Events that’s guaranteed to shake people up. It deals with a powerful secret society within the Intelligence community created with the intention of establishing a Christian Reconstructionist surveillance state. For what purpose?

    Well… in order to protect America from demonic UFO pilots.

  13. All this BS about sex cults and not one word of the main one? FREEMASONRY

  14. Gordon Duff, you are definitely un-fearing. Way to go. As an ex-service officer myself (different country) I can validate the madness of the military. if you asked questions, you were sidelined. Period. no questions asked.
    And even officer training was all about psycho-sexual twisting. Keeping virile young men away from women in forced, close quarters, strange things began to happen.
    To me, all this adds up. not nicely, unfortunately.
    Just look at pornography in it's current form to understand that the undercurrent is not just an undercurrent. Misogynism and hatred of anything 'foreign" is the plan.
    Sad but cyclical and in-evitable.

  15. It is about time someone hit the nail on the head! The evil in this world is very perverse. I agree with this article 150%. Finally, people seem to be waking up!

  16. Hannah,
    I concur. Please check out my new site and let me know if you know any songwriters or artists that could help musicalize this global wake-up call. Thanks, Gary

  17. What an utter idiot you are, Duff! The Dominion movement in Christianity is associated almost exclusively with Calvinist and Reformed circles, and is simply not that influential even there. To link it to Schofieldism and Pentecostalism shows that (a) you simply don't know what you are talking about, and (b) you didn't even do a modicum of research for this rag-tirade. And the sad thing is, you're treated like some kind of a hero for posting this inflammatory stupidity! Well, perhaps the clue is in your repeated use of 'g-d'. Now which religious group uses THAT expression? Perhaps one whose hatred of Christinity is so ancient and ingrained that they'd delight in nothing more that a muckraking piece of rubbish that falsely connects Christianity with extermination of Muslims, child-sex rings, depravity, war-lust, etc. A classic case of projection and deflection, if you ask me!

  18. Shouldn't the headline on this piece of garbage have been "America's Dirty Secret: How a Psycho-Sexual Zionist and Anti-Christian Cult Holds America Prisoner"?

    Just askin'.

  19. Yeah! All this wailing and hand-wringing about 'Christian fanatics' aiding and abetting 9/11, and not a single word about the overwhelming evidence of Mossad and Israeli involvement! Way to go, Gordon! You're deliberately pointing your finger in the wrong direction - try pointing it at the far end of the Mediterranean, just beyond where the USS Liberty got savagely attacked (and not by 'Christians', if I remember correctly)!

  20. Hehe...this week’s fantasy from The Mind of Duff

  21. Hey, Gord! How come you didn't manage to work Iran’s president Ahmadinejah into this article. He usually features prominently in your delusions!

  22. Well, Gordie - aren't we changing our tune here? Last time i looked you were saying that ANOTHER GROUP controlled our military! Are you going to be dishing out the blame for this to every guilty party your fevered brain can conjure up in turn?

    This is from the "This Ain't Hell" blog...

    "Yes, Gordon Duff is a moron, a world-class moron. We’ve featured many of his nuttier warnings about the Mossad false-flag operations which have plagued the poor idiots who inhabit this planet. Only Duff seems bright enough to spot the clues which point at the Israelis. Every. Single. Time. Well, this week’s column is no different. Entitled 'Is America’s Military Prepared For The Israeli Threat?' along with a picture of an ICBM launch.

    The lunacy is too deep for me to burn off brain cells disputing every point, so I’ll just bring you the last few lined;

    "In fact, a large majority of Americans openly admit, on every opinion poll, that they don’t trust our congress, our president or any American institution. Nobody asks them why. Would they know? Is it because a foreign country controls our banks, our news, our congress, our military , our foreign policy?"..."

    Get that? Combine these two Duff exposes. It's actually Dominionist, Christian Zionist, Pentecostal, Schofieldist, Rapture-Preaching ISRAEL that's in control of our military!

    Now it all makes sense (well, to Gordie, at least)!

  23. I've read several of Gordon Duffs articles in the past two days and it is clear that he is pushing the liberal (Communist) agenda as hard as he can! Even more telling are his comments to his own articles. Here are my observation on this Commie/liberal propagandist:

    Gordon Duff is virulently are the Communist Jews!

    Gordon Duff hates the US Constitution AND the founding do the Communist Jews!

    Gordon Duff hates the militia movement...just like the Communist/liberal Jews do!

    When you start reading through the comments to ANY of Duff's articles it becomes blatantly obvious that he, or someone at Veterans Today, has gone through and deleted many posts (posts that seem to express a different ideological opinion than the liberal one)...just like the Communist Jews do on virtually all internet sites that they control!

  24. What a piece of junk this article, and you call it journalism?!


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