Sunday, October 31, 2010

John Writes: Why I left 911Blogger and Kevin Ryan Calls the Creek "Despicable"

johnscriv's pictureby johnscriv on Wed, 2010-07-14 13:30

I had been posting blog entries at 911Blogger since November, 2009, and visiting the site daily. The first inkling I had that things weren't quite right there came when an innocuous blog entry I posted, referencing an interview with Adam Syed and Adam Ruff on the Kevin Barrett Show, was blocked or rejected by the moderators at 911Blogger, without explanation.

My blog entry clearly conformed with the 911Blogger rules. It was neither ad-hominem nor insulting, it did not promote hatred, racism, violence, terrorism or criminal actions, it did not continue arguments with other users, nor did it contain sexual or pornographic material.

There is nothing in 911Blogger rules that prohibits references to Kevin Barrett's radio shows.

So I posted another blog entry, this time raising the issue of censorship and divisions in the truth movement more generally, and it was also rejected without explanation. I then posted a third entry, this time about securities fraud by the Fed on 9/11, and it was approved without delay.

9/11 Censorship with Sunstein Leanings - Lt Col. Shelton Lankford: CIT and the Pentagon “Controversy”

CIT and the “Controversy”
Shelton F. Lankford
LtCol. USMC (Ret.)

With the recent salvo fired by that plucky little monthly muckraker “Rock Creek Free Press” (RCFP) against the 9/11 Truth community’s nearest thing to the New York Times, 9/11 Blogger, (comparison is intentional, since the Times has been instrumental in several heroic and some disgraceful campaigns) I find myself compelled to enter the lists on the side of what I believe is right and just. As a follower of the discussions over at Pilots for 9/11 Truth, I have been aware for some time that some posters there who are solid, informed, and reasonable individuals as I came to know them, had been ill-treated at Blogger, allegedly for having run afoul of some policy or other having to do with the content of their arguments. I don’t write on Blogger. My only attempt to create an account there failed and sampling the atmosphere that was evident when Rob Balsamo was under attack, just before he was shown the door by the powers that be over there, that it was not a place I would care to hang out in much. This was when Pilots was being assailed for their research at the Pentagon and just as CIT’s work with the Pentagon witnesses was starting to bear fruit.

The article in the RCFP has brought the issue out of Blogger into the (semi-) public square, and the audience of primarily convinced Truthers are choosing sides in the argument, some think to the detriment of the movement.

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