Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rallies Have Always Been Used to Manipulate the Masses

From MediaMonarchy | kenny's sideshow: I finally saw the 1988 movie "They Live" today and realized what Peter Chamberlin is saying with his blog title 'There Are No Sunglasses'. I also saw a little of the Stewart and Colbert sanity/fear rally and you don't need the sunglasses to see through it.

The lefty counterpoint to the righty Glenn Beck hijacked Tea Party types. The lefties may be a little more fun but no less propagandizing. It's breaking us down into two groups that oppose each other as if that's all there is.

But most of us don't actually fit into this false duplicity. We're the ones who don't like Stewart and Obama, Beck and Palin. Using conventional terms we as individuals are a mix of conservative, liberal, moderate, radical or what ever you want to call it. Sort of 'mongrels' that don't fit what the media wants us to be.

A real rally for America would be anti-war, anti-imperialism and most definitely anti-criminal government and anti-wall street/banker syndicate. Basically it would be looking for the truth wherever it leads us. We haven't seen much of that in these controlled for TV gatherings.

Rallies have always been used to manipulate the masses. The crowd cheers "hooray for us" and goes home satiated. A lot of good people want to be involved, a lot of good people fall for the deceptions.


Here's How We Handled Ourselves and Message at the Stewart/Colbert Rally

9/11 - We Didn't Do It vs I Did Do It

We dressed as renditioned prisoners in the standard fall gitmo orange and Afghan women in Burkas, all with signs stating, "We Didn't Do It" and one Fed/Operative dressed appropriately with a sign stating, "I Did Do It - National Security Industrial Complex." We also paraded around the Mall event with our 9/11 Elephant, "Trudy," with the banner draped over her back reading, "9/11 Truth - The Elephant in the Room."

Overwhelmingly, the response was very positive as we posed for thousands of photos alongside one of the Smithsonian museums [side note: for whatever it is worth,  was accosted by one of the Smithsonian guards on the sidewalk who had seen one-too-many Night at the Museum franchises, keeping the public sidewalk a "no-walk" zone for some reason even though I had just walked up that same sidewalk moments prior, that the DC police just acquiesced to in that incident - the guard reminded me a lot of the TV junk yard magnate, Fred Sanford, with his over posturing and chest ramming].  We only had a few angry shills, yet lots of positive support amazingly enough right here within the District of Criminals.

We handed out copies of our brochure, "Nine Years of War Based on a Lie" available as a PDF below as well as copies of our latest edition of our newspaper, the Rock Creek Free Press, available as a subscription.

Revised Brochure Appeals to Antiwar Movement

The somber cover of this updated brochure appeals directly to antiwar groups by showing that 9/11 is the foundation for the unending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now in their ninth year, the wars have cost hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars, yet President Obama continues to use 9/11 as the reason for fighting in the region—this despite the disturbing questions about the official account of the tragedy, now confirmed as being based on lies. Many of these questions are grounded in science and can no longer be ignored or dismissed as so-called “conspiracy theories.”

View/Print brochure PDF (2 pages)

Available from DC 9/11 Truth in bulk. Order a batch of 200 professionally printed brochures for $15 (7.5 cents each, at cost), plus $5 S&H. Contact

Read more about Lou and CovertAction Quarterly >>Here


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