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The Macro-Economics of Phony Terror and Contrived Conflict

By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor
Both elements of “Al Qaeda” along with its clear history as a CIA established organization make every mention of it suspicious.  Whenever there is a need for a “wag the dog”news story, “Al Qaeda” is dragged out as the whipping boy.  Never has any organization, one as mysterious and insubstantial as this one, whose supposed leader, Osama bin Laden,  has not only been dead for years but when he was alive, not only worked directly for the CIA but comes from a family directly tied to, not only the Bush family, but, in fact, close friends and business partners for decades at every level.
Since the end of the Second World War, national intelligence organizations have gained direct control over almost every non-governmental entity working for political and social change.  We aren’t just talking about trade unions and political parties.  We are talking revolutionary groups and, in particular, terrorist organizations.  Israel alone has an estimated 300 agents among the top leadership of Muslim organizations, be they the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hizbollah or Al Qaeda.  When arrests are made or we see drone strikes or even assassinations, are they meant to destroy capabilities or are they simply helping an intelligence organization consolidate control over an operational asset, one used to manipulate world events to serve an agenda.
We know for certain that the latter is the case.
We are now told the CIA has saved American tourists in Europe from being kidnapped, dragged off the Eiffel Tower, bludgeoned at the Tower of London or lassoed at the Louvre.  This isn’t July.  America is in the middle of a depression, kids are back in school, finding an American tourist in Europe would take some work, even for CIA trained terrorists that make up Al Qaeda.  The story would have almost passed muster if it didn’t carry the embellishment of mysterious training camps and personal directions from Osama bin Laden.
This is just another scary story to go out on internet news letters filled with conspiracy tales about Obama the Muslim-Socialist from Kenya.   These are the “good conspiracies,” the ones that frighten, confuse, anger, blind and keep the public from looking “behind the curtain.”
Many experts contend that Al Qaeda is a construct made up for the news, for duping the President, not all that hard according to Bob Woodward, or the fools in congress.   Never has an organization been as ethereal or as timely.
Both elements of “Al Qaeda” along with its clear history as a CIA established organization make every mention of it suspicious.  Whenever there is a need for a “wag the dog”news story, “Al Qaeda” is dragged out as the whipping boy.  Never has any organization, one as mysterious and insubstantial as this one whose supposed leader, Osama bin Laden,  has not only been dead for years but when he was alive, not only worked directly for the CIA but comes from a family directly tied to, not only the Bush family, but, in fact, close friends and business partners for decades at every level.
If we can’t make a decent enemy out of Iran or North Korea, then we can always reinvent Al Qaeda and keep reinventing it, moving it to any part of the world that needs destabilization to promote the interests of powerful multi-national corporations or Israel.  Our current scare, a “pre-election special,”  is based on, we are told, stories received from an “informant” held by the CIA, the same CIA whose “reliable informants” sent 5,000 Americans to their death in Iraq looking for non-existent weapons of mass destruction.
We are told all this information comes from a source being held at the infamous Bagram detention center, a “source” claiming that groups trained in Waziristan under the direct supervision of Osama bin Laden are now all over Europe, top quality passports, probably made in Israel, hunting down Americans.  I don’t buy a word of it.  When CIA Director Leon Panetta said nobody had heard from bin Laden since 2001, do you think he was trying to make a point?  Won’t anyone come out and say it, bin Laden has been dead for nearly a decade.  Why don’t we admit it, keeping the ghost of Osama bin Laden alive is now seen as saving a valuable franchise, in effect, a license to lie, steal and kill.
Even when he was alive, bin Laden worked for the CIA.  He always worked for the CIA, and we are told continually, “Nobody ever quits the CIA.”  We can prove, beyond a doubt, that bin Laden was a major CIA asset in Afghanistan.  What we can’t prove is that he ever quit.  Did he go to work for Israel instead?
This idea of terrorist training camps is also a crock.  Please, load me on a plane, get me a Pakistan visa ( I have one) and fly me into Lahore.  3 ISI agents will follow me out of the airport, one will be driving my cab.

"Hey, this isn't the way to Waziristan!"
“Please take me to Waziristan, either north or south, I don’t care which, just get me to the nearest terrorist training camp as quickly as possible.  See if you can lose the guy following us, yes, the one on the motorbike with the AK-47.  No, the other one on the motorbike with the AK-47, the guy with the blue T-shirt. No, the dark blue shirt, plus, that guy has an MP 5 sub-machine gun and, anyway, I think that one is a girl.”
Driving in Lahore is alot like Detroit.
We aren’t saying there aren’t terrorists.  In fact, there are more terrorists today than ever before, the United States has been running a huge recruiting campaign for terrorists.  Not only do our wars recruit terrorists but our Predator attacks that have killed so many innocent civilians are bringing more and more onboard.  Even more successful is our campaign of wanton slaughter of civilians by death squads, referred to lovingly by the American press as “killing for sport.”  This recruits terrorists.
This is the conventional cover story:  Saudi Arabia gives millions of dollars to extremist Mullahs.  Poor children, boys only, go to these schools, memorize the Koran and bang their heads on the ground all day.  Upon graduation, each student is either given a suicide vest or sent to America to learn to fly aircraft into buildings.
Poor and semi-illiterate children aren’t very “telegenic,” however.  So, when television has to depict terrorists, it picks dark skinned “bad boys” who are both threatening but somehow compelling.  Most TV terrorists have one thing in common.  They are Jews.  After all, these are highly valued roles, playing the “heavy.”  Thus, our “TV terrorists” are tall, well groomed, highly educated, expensively dressed, have the best cars, stay in the best hotels, eat in the best restaurants.
Where do I sign up?
Who are the “real” terrorists then?  They are all educated, speak several languages, fly “first class” only and bounce around the planet like “jet setters.”  Funny thing is, we never find out who pays the bills, helps them through airports, sponsors and co-signs their visa applications, helps them rent apartments.
“What we do know is that none of them come from the primitive border regions of Af-Pak, where America, NATO, Pakistan and dozens of agencies, mercenary armies and assassination teams, not to mention scores of lethal drone aircraft, search day and night for, lets be honest, something that doesn’t exit and never has.”
The “terrorism franchise” driving, not only American TV, but British television as well, is far from entertainment.  Benny Hill is entertainment.  Dancing with the Stars is entertainment.  The tireless selling of terrorism, not only as a threat but, in view of the fact that these TV shows are all seen in the Islamic world as well, as an attractive alternative lifestyle, is both duplicitous and sinister. A few years ago, we learned how TV and movies influenced organized crime in the United States.
During a number of trials of organized crime figures in recent years, it was revealed that the Godfather films and others like them,  supplied the historical context used by real organized crime to establish a distinctive group identity.  Without the movies, they said they wouldn’t know how to talk like gangster, how to stage “hits” (assassinations)  or hold initiation ceremonies.  The movies told them how to organize on the basis of ancient Roman traditions. Problem is, the things they learned were fiction.  The “Mafia” as seen on television never existed and the Italian based crime organizations established to mirror fiction could very well be considered a “construct” of the entertainment industry.
Well, the exact same thing is true for terrorists.  They learn how to dress and act, how to pick out targets, even how to evade authorities from watching TV.
It is probably true that, without American television, most “terrorists” would never have imagined a career in that kind of thing.  After all, it isn’t the first thing that pops into mind after getting a degree from a university.
We aren’t talking training.  There hasn’t been a credible terrorist attack that doesn’t have the signature of an intelligence agency on it in years.  Even the “Crotch Bomber” and the “Time Square Fizzler” had clear trails, perhaps dual trails, showing them to be “terrorists” but also showing the magic hand of fate, passing through airports, doors mysteriously opening for them, helping hands everywhere.  There are even doubts about Dr. Hassan,  the “Ft. Hood killer.”  When his name was found on the “premium” guest list at a security conference for Bush officials we wondered.  When we contacted the conference and got a lame cover story and then watched the whole thing disappear as though it never happened, as is so often the case, we may have found another “hybrid.”
In a world “gone mad” with security protocols making travel a near impossibility, the only group of people capable of getting anywhere anymore are terrorists.  Is there, perhaps, a special passport they are given, like diplomatic passports but better?  Who has that kind of power?  Does a country that does things like this come to mind?
The concept of “privatization” is a recent one for terrorists.  Traditionally, most terrorist organizations were organized and financed as part of Cold War initiatives, either under the guise of anti-colonialism or, as with the establishment of the State of Israel, ethnic cleansing.  Little or nothing is allowed to be taught about the Zionist movement and its allegiances to Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia or the infiltration of the corridors of power and finance in London or Washington.  Zionism would be the “third movement,” neither purely communist nor capitalist but both ethnocentric and predatory but largely economic in nature.   Much less is taught about the roots of Israel and the terror war waged against, not only the residents of Palestine but the British administrative forces in the region as well.  Even less is discussed about the efforts to force Jews to relocate to Palestine and how “doors were closed,” not by anti-Semites but Zionists themselves.
In fact, Jews killing other Jews, directly or indirectly, in order to push for the establishment of Israel is one of the best kept secrets of the 20th century.
The period of the Cold War, typically 1947 through 1990, is described by most scholars as one during which there were three power bases, the “communist” East, the “capitalist” West and the non-aligned nations.  East and West were seen in a half-century struggle over the ‘hearts and minds” of the former colonial world, Africa, Latin and Central America, the Middle East and Asia, particularly Southeast Asia.
There was a special group of powers seen as both aligned and “non-aligned.”  These were spoken of as “surrogates” or “puppets” or even “rogue states.”  They were Israel, Iraq, Iran, South Africa, North Korea, Libya, Cuba, East Germany, Turkey, Taiwan, Rhodesia, Czechoslovakia and South Africa.  Another of the “great secrets” of the 20th century is that these nations often operated in unison, sharing intelligence services, weapons, jointly spying on the United States in particular, and, in general, making up a real “axis of evil” in much the vein spoken of by Presidents Ronald Reagan and George “W” Bush.
Working closely with them were “off center” groups within the intelligence agencies of the United States, Britain, the Soviet Union, Pakistan, India and others.  Helping facilitate the relationships between these nations, the “off center” intelligence groups and a myriad of customers, terrorist groups, revolutionaries and criminal organizations were the arms dealers, including Bush family members, Saudis, Israelis, Rhodesians, South Africans and hundreds of others from around the world including international bankers, diplomats and UN officials.
Osama bin Laden came from this shadowy world.  200 more names could be put behind his, constituting some of the most dangerous people in the world.  Most are still around, many are still active, still in business and growing richer every day.  When a powerful United States Senator vacations on a yacht in the Mediterranean, his host is likely to be one of these 200.  When that same Senator visits a head of state, chances are, the message he is carrying is not an American one, but from his vacation host.  It isn’t just “senators” and it isn’t just one.  These “merchants of death” control more political leaders than any other group, any lobby, even more than the State of Israel, although, and this is no secret, a significant number of these “merchants of death” are Israelis.
Their trade, bio weapons, nuclear centrifuges, German submarines, American cluster-bombs, anthrax, land mines, missiles of all kinds, shapes and sizes, is a 300 billion dollar industry, working hand in hand with global espionage and drug rings, money launderers, “military contracting” companies and, oh yes, the oil industry.
Welcome to reality as it exists, not “TV” reality but one that explains the real world. 
These three great powers, two representing opposing power blocs and the third financing both sides and playing one against the other, all used terrorism extensively around the world to support their aims.  Any populist leader or agrarian reformer would quickly find himself inundated with offers of weapons and training.  Some became dictators and potentates while others strayed and became “axis of evil” cartoon bandits.  All, at one time, served the West, the East, Zionism or all three.
Let’s look at a few names:  Castro, Chavez, bin Laden, Marcos, the Shah, Noriega, Sukarno, Saddam, Karzai, Pinochet, Duvalier, Diem, Ho Chi Minh, Chaing Kai Chek, Pol Pot, Robert Mogabe, Idi Amin, Franco, Suharto, Somoza, Trujillo, Mobutu.
This is the top of a list of those who rose to power, some at the behest of the West, some the East, many both, more than a few financially entangled with our Israeli friends and the mechanisms for generating a control far more pervasive than simple politics or economics through sovereign debt manipulation.  When you add another hundred names to the list, not just the warlords and dictators but the “liberation movements” that have been infiltrated with cash or taken over through “surgery,” assassinations and manipulation, you can develop a clear picture of how revolution, dissent and terrorism are used to support oligarchical agendas.
What is the “oligarchical agenda?”
Oligarchy is about control, about ignorance and about power through centralized wealth through distribution of, not wealth but debt.
Were they hypotheses presented here to be valid, there would have to be a consensus as to whether a historical model of the past 50 years is described, one that seems to fit.  Are people getting poorer, less powerful and is the world increasingly controlled by unseen and unexplained forces capable of creating conflict at will and successfully hiding who they are?  Are we continually bombarded with opposing “conspiracy theory” and yet find the “world view” we are presented, the “official and certified” version,  as unsatisfying  and unable to describe the world convincingly?



  1. Right on the money again. I should like the article, because it’s completely in accord with what I wrote back in January of 2002. This is the opening paragraph of “Michael Chertoff, Master of the Cover-up”:
    “Why do I doubt that Osama bin Laden was behind the atrocities of September 11? In the first place, it was a sly, covert operation. The massive U.S. budget for such things, which exceeds the gross national product of most of the countries of the world, is not spent in vain. In the covert world there is as little room for small, independent operators in the United States as there is in the news business, the automobile business, or the drug business. Every political organization you can think of, especially those who wish ill for America’s ruling establishment, is thoroughly laced with informants on the federal payroll, recent lamentations about a shortage of ‘humint’ resources notwithstanding. Furthermore, trickery and deceit are the life’s blood of the intelligence community. Israel’s Mossad even has it enshrined in the organization’s motto, ‘By way of deception thou shalt do war’.”
    Chertoff played an important role in the cover-up of the murder of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster during the early years of the Clinton administration.

    • Michael J Volz says:
      Best not to look behind the curtain. Mike “the devil” Chertof is a spectre I would not like to see! He says questioning 911 is equivalent to questioning the holocaust. You certainly don’t want to do that now do you boys and girls?

    • MK says:
      Another bulls eye, Gordon, it is too bad that the mainstream news doesn’t read your columns. I wanted to point out that Chalmers Johnson, the historian who wrote “The Sorrows of Empire,” “Blowback” among others has come forward with a plan to save the United States. He says that the only way to save this country now is to end the empire-mongering of the self-annointed “elite.” His recommendations are to close bases around the world, get rid of the CIA and end empire-building and the policies that relate to it. I happen to agree.
      Our country is no longer serving its people. It only serves its corporations and I, for one, am sick and tired of what they have done to the people here and abroad. They have stolen virtually all the wealth in the world leaving but a few percentages for the rest of the people on the planet. They have tried to kill everybody outside their “class” with vaccines laced with toxins (see Vaccine A–the experiment killing our soldiers–an excellent book); they have tried to make us unable to bear children by spreading STDs and limiting treatment for them and they have made prostitutes out of our children by putting filth on television that exhorts them to sell their bodies for gain.
      I have had enough of the so-called elite. There is nothing elite about sociopathy and greed. It is time to walk away from the world that they want us to live in and begin building a new inclusive one in which everybody has a place and lives in decent surroundings.

  2. Ken A says:
    Nobody ever quits the CIA. So what about Barry?
    People claim to do “research” on 9/11. But it is not such; it is only speculation, physical plus political. The political really has no answer.
    The world can not be described, at least by humans.
    This article is not intended for the masses (would really hurt the brain); thus Mr. Duff has given up and would like to make some sense of it. Same here.
    Plus, interesting video out of Munich, Germany. Young people, very enthusiastic, set up a stand to educate the people, representing AE9/11. There is nothing like this in the US.
    German but easy to understand what is going on:

    • Penumbra says:
      “People claim to do “research” on 9/11. But it is not such; it is only speculation, physical plus political. The political really has no answer.”
      A bold assumption, and for the most part, false. There is no speculation about the physical facts of the case, investigated at length by countless die-hard researchers in many countries.
      The principles of physics are not speculation. The facts about the design of the towers and about the visible signature of controlled demolitions are not speculation. The PNAC agenda with its clearly worded “catalyzing event” imperative for the advancement of an equally clearly laid out agenda of permanent war, nation building and the astronomical profits to be reaped by the MIC in executing that agenda, once again, is not speculation.
      The only thing speculative about this event is, and has always been, the bogus official conspiracy theory.

  3. wolf says:
    Once again, Gordon presents rhetorical questions that are at once thought provoking and deeply disturbing.
    So what is the “oligarchical agenda”? First and foremost, it starts with massive depopulation and it certainly seems that the world stage is being set for this as we speak.
    “…and is the world increasingly controlled by unseen and unexplained forces capable of creating conflict at will and successfully hiding who they are? ”
    This is what J. Edgar Hoover said about it:
    “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
    Bizarre as it sounds, our world is the product of a multi-generational conspiracy and is in the malignant grip of a satanic cult. People recoil at the suggestion but proof stares us in the face every day.
    When we compare this disturbing conclusion with the comforting picture purveyed by Illuminati controlled-mass media and education, we experience “cognitive dissonance,” or psychological stress. This is usually resolved by evading reality, dismissing it as “conspiracy theory.”
    In fact, conspiracy is very plausible. People who control a grossly disproportionate share of the world’s wealth will take measures to consolidate their position. They will destabilize the public by inciting a series of wars and other mind-boggling hoaxes (communism, lesbian feminism, multiculturalism). They will subvert faith in a loving God and promote violence and depravity (Satan) instead.
    The government-inspired 9-11 atrocity proves that a satanic cult controls the US. Bush and his accomplices are criminals, traitors and impostors. But don’t look to the Democrats for salvation. For example, Bush’s opponent, John Kerry was also a member of Skull and Bones (Class of 1966.) The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them.
    The Illuminati is the hidden hand behind all modern cataclysms, including the French and Russian Revolutions, Communism, the Depression and Nazism. To affect the course of history only takes money and the people behind the Illuminati have plenty.
    The “War on Terror” is obviously designed to forestall domestic opposition and condition people to further subjugation and the coming New World Order.
    (I paraphrased some of the above from an article by Henry Makow: “Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive”)
    “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
    -Ephesians 6:12

    • Gordon Duff says:
      Funny you would quote Hoover. He was Meyer Lansky’s “punk” for decades.
      As for conspiracy…it has become so obvious that government itself is conspiracy theory. the game is entropy…..
      aliens could run the planet better..farming us for meat.

      • wolf says:
        OK, “entropy”? I had to look it up. I take it to mean ORDER out of CHAOS…or Problem-Reaction-Solution…or the Hegelian Dialectic.
        The puppetmasters create “disorder” so the people will demand “order”. The price of “order” always entails a handing over of control and loss of freedom on the part of the citizenry. 9/11 is a perfect example.
        “aliens could run the planet better..farming us for meat.”
        hmmmmm…interesting comment!

        • Gordon Duff says:
          Think “energy dispersal”….cosmic rot.

          • wolf says:
            Yes, I saw that kind of definition as well…as in the laws of thermodynamics…but thought it might be too esoteric to fit your meaning. Guess I was wrong!
            …”farming us for meat”
            …kinda like ‘cattle’…hmmm

  4. Smith says:
    The financial slavery machine run by fascist ideology of Zionism will not stop until people do not learn about it.
    “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” -Thomas Jefferson
    Read and learn. Main stream media has failed. Do not rely on them to educate you.

    • Truth Seeker says:
      CIA really stands for criminals in action…
      All intelligence agencies were created after WWII where the International Bankers nearly lost control of the European Economic Slavery called “DEBT FREE MONEY”! Hitler after seizing the Reichsbank from the International Bankers to print his own Greenbacks called labor treasury certificates. Through “Debt Free” money he pulled Germany out of the economic hole the International Bankers placed them in after WWI and would have emerged as the World’s superpower if the International Bankers did not take him out.
      You can read between the lines on the whole Jewish thing through your own research… Just know the history you’ve been taught is based on the victor and the International Bankers who have ran everything since the 18th Century.
      All Intelligence agencies do not work for the Governments they call their own, but cooperate with them. The Intelligence agencies work for the International Bankers. They are another control mechanism for making sure the European Economic System of Slavery continues to be the dominating force in the Western World. In tandem, they create perceptions of reality (terrorism, economics crashes, war, conflict, etc…) so that the elite can push through new agendas that would otherwise be unpopular through Problem, Reaction, Solution resolution.
      Intelligence = Secrecy = Hidden Knowledge = Power = Control
      You are told that secrecy is vital to our Government, I tell you secrecy is control because you are only as powerful as you are informed!

      • Penumbra says:
        “National Security” – The last bastion of the traitor, thieves and sociopathic mass murderers.
        In doublespeak the meaning is clear: “Our” elite security against the masses.

  5. Louise says:
    Also the story in the media about some large terror attacks being planned to happen soon in Britain, France and Germany is rubbish as well. They are probably in the media to justify the USA bombing of a heap of places in Pakistan.

    • Penumbra says:
      There may well be bombings on the horizon, but remain attentive and apply scrutiny and you will undoubtedly find that behind the mass media named “culprits”, the reality will be, as always, CIA/Mossad/MI6 orchestration and execution duly signed off on by #10 Downing Street, Mr. Sarkozy (well known Mossad asset), and Frau Merkel (also well known Zionist puppet), respectively.

  6. From being advised during the the last Federal Reserve engineered economic depression, where Americans were told: “The only thing you have to fear is fear itself,” to today, where the fear mongering is non-stop.
    But it does serve a purpose: It helps to keep Americans scared and begging Congress to take away what’s left of our liberties, as long as they can keep us safe.
    One of the slickest con games around.

    • Dan says:
      The Federal Reserve has succeeded in plunging the world’s banking and currency markets into sheer chaos. Bernanke, the first academic chairman of the Fed and a man with not one day’s experience in running anything before, claims that deflation will send our economy into a death spiral and therefore has increased our base money supply two-and-a-half fold. All his previous talk about an “exit strategy” was all hot air, and he’s now threatening more qualitative easing, which is Orwellian doublespeak for allowing the government to pay its bills with counterfeit dollars and at the same time allow the Wall Street crowd to increase their fortunes by juicing the “markets”.
      There are no real markets today, only manipulation. The stock market reflects government intervention, not the interaction of economic forces and the fortunes of particular companies, and is losing all relation to the business prospects of our economy. The accounts on, for example, CNBC for why certain sectors are outperforming the market today are forgotten tomorrow as another sector is pumped and the former dumped.
      If we extend this criminally negligent manipulation of our money supply to the manipulation of economic activity, which is happening at an uncontrollable rate under Obama, we will find our economy descend into total chaos. But, they know all this. They know bureaucrats in Washington cannot allocate scarce resources or direct production efficiently. That is not their intent. “They”, meaning Bernanke and his minions on the Fed board, the administration economic advisors, Congress, think tanks, media pundits, ad nauseam, intend to impose a totalitarian regime subjugating the American people to the status of wage serfs with a standard of living last seen in the Great Depression. These are bad men with evil intentions simply to the extent they are Keynesians.

1 comment:

  1. Gordon,thank you for this. Evermore, your articles keep drilling down to the rationale for the theft of democracy from the American people.

    Your banter with Wolf would seem to take one step further; are we not being 'farmed' by the elite rather than aliens? The definition of 'farming' is 'to take the proceeds or profits of'. And, after 'taking the proceeds or profits', aren't the herds in most farms culled to best manage productivity?

    Perhaps you will re-visit this thought as the seed-line for your next article. The ultimate end result of terror macro-economics has to be farming the global masses to the benefit and survival of the elite.


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