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There will be blood – How to Cut Carbon Emissions

Whippersnapping climate campaign 10:10 teams up with legendary comic screenwriter Richard Curtis - you know, Blackadder, Four Weddings, Notting Hill, co-founded Comic Relief - and Age of Stupid director Franny Armstrong to proudly present their explosive new mini-movie "No Pressure". The film stars X-Files' Gillian Anderson, together with Spurs players past and present - including Peter Crouch, Ledley King and David Ginola - with music donated by Radiohead. Shot on 35mm by a 40-strong professional film crew led by director Dougal Wilson, "No Pressure" celebrates everybody who is actively tackling climate change... by blowing up those are aren't.

9/11, Global Warming and other Crimes

Update They tied to take it down after some people must have blown a gasket over it. I found it hilarious and a great way to showcase the absurdity of the global warming cultists and their green-brownshirts forcing global enslavement over a sin tax, carbon trading credits that only benefit the wealthy, such as Al Gore.

Here's the Guardian UK article pasted below that picked up the story and video here that jettisoned the video from obscurity on my youtube page to over 600k mostly disturbed angry death-threatening viewers in two weeks by people who don't understand basic biology and what plant food is, nor the fact that I didn't make the fllm...


There will be blood – watch exclusive of 10:10 campaign's 'No Pressure' film

Gillian Anderson in
Gillian Anderson to increase awareness of climate change via 10:10 campaign starring in a mini-movie "No Pressure" directed by Richard Curtis. Photograph: 10:10
Our friends at the 10:10 climate change campaign have given us the scoop on this highly explosive short film, written by Britain's top comedy screenwriter Richard Curtis, ahead of its general release.
It's most definitely striking and if you haven't watched it yet – taking into account the warning that it contains scenes some people may find disturbing – do so now, before I give too much away.

This film contains scenes that some viewers may find distressing. Not suitable for children

2pm update: Please note that 10:10 took down the original video and the version above is a copy uploaded elsewhere on YouTube.

Had a look? Well, I'm certain you'll agree that detonating school kids, footballers and movie stars into gory pulp for ignoring their carbon footprints is attention-grabbing. It's also got a decent sprinkling of stardust – Peter Crouch, Gillian Anderson, Radiohead and others.
But it's pretty edgy, given 10:10's aim of asking people, businesses and organisations to take positive action against global warming by cutting their greenhouse gas emissions by 10% in a year, and thereby pressuring governments to act.
"Doing nothing about climate change is still a fairly common affliction, even in this day and age. What to do with those people, who are together threatening everybody's existence on this planet? Clearly we don't really think they should be blown up, that's just a joke for the mini-movie, but maybe a little amputating would be a good place to start?" jokes 10:10 founder and Age of Stupid film maker Franny Armstrong.
But why take such a risk of upsetting or alienating people, I ask her: "Because we have got about four years to stabilise global emissions and we are not anywhere near doing that. All our lives are at threat and if that's not worth jumping up and down about, I don't know what is."
"We 'killed' five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change," she adds.
Jamie Glover, the child-actor who plays the part of Philip and gets blown up, has similarly few qualms: "I was very happy to get blown up to save the world." The public reaction to the film will be fascinating – please add yours below.
Curtis, writer of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Blackadder and an early 10:10 supporter, acknowledges that the 10:10 film is very direct. "The 10:10 team are a fearless, energetic bunch, completely dedicated to getting the public fired up about climate change. They also turn out to be surprisingly good at blowing stuff up," he said.
The film, directed by top advertising director Dougal Wilson, known for the Always A Woman John Lewis ad, will be shown in cinemas and on television. Wilson met 10:10 activists on a cross-continent bike ride to the Copenhagen climate change summit last December.
The 10:10 campaign was launched in the UK in September 2009 and has already spread to 41 countries. In Britain, 91,000 people, 3,500 businesses and 4,000 councils, school and other organisations have signed up so far.
The Lib-Con coalition has also committed to cut the government's carbon emissions by 10% in a year, to help combat global warming. On October 10 – 10.10.10 – the campaign will hold a Global Day of Doing, involving 180 nations and events such as sumo wrestlers cycling to training in Tokyo, to 10,000 schoolchildren planting trees across Russia.
The film is released tomorrow.

Behind the scenes of No Pressure

6pm update: 10:10 has released the following statement.
Today we put up a mini-movie about 10:10 and climate change called 'No Pressure'.
With climate change becoming increasingly threatening, and decreasingly talked about in the media, we wanted to find a way to bring this critical issue back into the headlines whilst making people laugh. We were therefore delighted when Britain's leading comedy writer, Richard Curtis - writer of Blackadder, Four Weddings, Notting Hill and many others – agreed to write a short film for the 10:10 campaign. Many people found the resulting film extremely funny, but unfortunately some didn't and we sincerely apologise to anybody we have offended.
As a result of these concerns we've taken it off our website.
We'd like to thank the 50+ film professionals and 40+ actors and extras and who gave their time and equipment to the film for free. We greatly value your contributions and the tremendous enthusiasm and professionalism you brought to the project.
At 10:10 we're all about trying new and creative ways of getting people to take action on climate change. Unfortunately in this instance we missed the mark. Oh well, we live and learn.
Onwards and upwards,
Eugenie, Franny, Daniel, Lizzie and the whole 10:10 team


  1. Fire Back!!

  2. I've put this video at the head of a playlist called "No Pressure 10:10 Eco-Extremist Playlist".

    It is here:


    Even though I have put my id "expvid12010" in the tags, the playlist does not show up in a Youtube search. It has 30 related videos including classic eco-scare clips as well as Pachauri talking about using children to shame adults.

  3. Of course by "this video" I meant your video "How to cut carbon emissions" :-)

  4. Great post. I am sure the fascists fantasize about such “no pressure” red button. In fact, I had once a discussion with some with a similar argument about government taxes: you are not obliged to pay them, however you have to suffer the consequence. I could say the same about a robber with a gun offering you the option to “give” him money… or else.

    Have you seen this video Wanted: David and Charles Koch, Climate Criminals (

  5. Just wanted to stop by and say that I think you are very talented and I am so happy for you that things are falling into place. Your blog are soooo fun. Thanks for sharing.


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