Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swedish Anti-immigration Party Claims Seats

From MediaMonarchy/nytimes: Sweden became the latest European nation to see a breakthrough for populist right-wingers Sunday, when the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats won their first parliamentary seats in elections that failed to produce a clear outcome.

The prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, who led an alliance of four parties, claimed victory and is almost certain to become the first leader from Sweden’s center-right since World War II to serve two consecutive terms...

Unlike nearby Denmark and Norway, where populist anti-immigration parties have been successful for years, voters here had never before given the Sweden Democrats sufficient support to overcome the 4 percent threshold they needed to reach Parliament. The election authority said the Sweden Democrats won 5.7 percent of the vote and 20 seats...

With its high taxes and a generous welfare system, Sweden has been regarded by many outsiders as a bastion of liberalism and tolerance — immune from far-right politics.

However the integration of minorities within this nation of 9.4 million people has become a growing preoccupation, especially in cities that have experienced high rates of immigration.

Though the official campaign was dominated by discussion of welfare reform and taxation, immigration lurked beneath the surface.


  1. That poster is from a right wing party in Switzerland BTW.

  2. Will someone from Sweden tell me who is allowed to set Swedish immigration policy?
    Is it the Swedish people through their elected representatives?
    Is it the European Community?
    Is it the United Nations?
    Is it academic experts?
    Is it the United States?
    In the USA, it is Congress.
    BTW, I have been to Sweden and enjoyed it very much.
    -Richard Carpenter

  3. The Swedish immigration policy is set by the Swedish government and parliament. The asylum
    policy is directed by the Geneva convention. The long reign of the social-democrats has resulted in a generous immigration policy, but the Swedish society has not been prepared for this. Likewise generous social benefits have made the inflow possible, though most immigrants certainly want to provide for themselves but have a hard time finding an employment.


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