Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9/11 Was an "Outsourced Job": How Stewart and Colbert are Selling the Neocon Agenda to the Left & Trashing 9/11 Truth

Kevin Bleyer joined the writing staff of The Daily Show in 2005, where he has worked on over 1000 episodes. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Truman National Security Fellow and one of the founding contributors to The Huffington Post, a site which strictly forbids questioning of 9/11. Bleyer has also scripted material for Bill Maher and conservative comic Dennis Miller, two other comedians who have regularly disparaged 9/11 activists. Surely this is all just a coincidence, but one that’s interesting enough to note.

Since 2008 Bleyer has contributed to a number of U.S. President Barack Obama's speeches, including the President's 2010 address at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

Jon Stewart Trashes 9/11 Truth 

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart along with Stephen Colbert are announcing counter-Beck rallies at the Lincoln Memorial on October 30, 2010. Stewart's is for "Restoring Sanity", Colbert's is for keeping "Fear Alive". While both of these guys have done some pretty amazing work pulling down the pants of right wing hypocrisy and government lunacy, they are nonetheless serving the unhelpful role of left wing progressive gate keepers by once again referring to 9/11 Truth activism as "conspiracy" stuff.

Holding a huge sign on his show saying that "9/11 Was An Outside Job", Stewart is feeding the perception that the left has better things to do than pay heed to serious questioning into the validity of the official 9/11 story. I suppose there is nothing "funny" about questioning the official story. Maybe it's time for either of these comedic geniuses to show some moral backbone and intellectual courage and bring David Ray Griffin or David Chandler onto their shows....but that wouldn't be funny....would it?


Centrist Central: How Stewart and Colbert are Selling the Neocon Agenda to the Left

by Scott Creighton |
I just have to ask, is there anything, anything, that billionare Sumner Redstone’s progressive propaganda tag-team of Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert won’t do to help turn the supposed left 180 degrees from positions they held during the previous administration? 
I have written several times about Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert turning into blatant propagandists since the Chosen One took office.
For example: there’s the time Jon Stewart played the MEMRI TV video demonizing Palestinians, Stephen Colbert’s recent revolting sucking-up to globalist Joe Biden, there was Stewart’s story about the South Park episode psyop involving Revolution Muslim which turns out to be run by a “converted” jewish ex-settler from the West Bank,Stephen’s sycophantic groveling and rebranding the Afghan occupation just after Obama took office, and then of course Stewart’s ambushing of Rod Blagojevich which I thought was a pretty odd position for a “progressive” to take after he practically gave back rubs and “happy endings” to each and every neocon that has come on his set to pimp their new books or try to rebrand themselves as anything but the war criminals they are. That list includes but is not limited to Bill Kristol, Ari Fleischer, John Bolton, Douglas Feith, Thomas Friedman, Tom Ridge, and John Yoo.  Each and every one of the previously named neocons and or war criminals, Jon Stewart treated with more respect than he did Rod Blagojevich who’s only crime was to threaten Bank of America if they didn’t live up to the conditions of the banker bailout bill. 
Recently these two progressive shills have each taken on a new directive which certainly lives up to their pathetic performances in the past. 
Jon Stewart is now involved in what he calls the “Million Moderates March” and the premise of this is that everyone who is anyone in America these days is a “centrist” or a “moderate” and that only the “fringe” are getting any attention. 
Centrism i,s of course, just another name for the Washington Consensus, which is neoliberal/DLC “New Dem” corporatist fiscal ideology.
I seriously doubt that Stewart is correct in that assumption considering so many people are suffering under this economy, but since he recently had to grovel at the ultimate neoliberal’s feet (Bill Clinton), its not surprising that he would come out with this “move to the center” propaganda. Also interesting to note that he announced this new propaganda effort the same day he had Clinton on his show. 
What is surprising is that Stewart chastised the radical left for holding such beliefs as “George Bush is a war criminal” and called to “restore sanity” on Oct. 30th 2010. 
He later labeled it a “Million Moderate March.” The purpose, he said, is to counter what he called a minority of 15 percent or 20 percent of the country that has dominated the national political discussion with extreme rhetoric. He tarred both parties with that charge, mentioning both the attacks on the right against President Obama for being everything from a socialist to un-American and on the left against former President Bush for being a war criminal.  Glenn Greenwald 
Greenwald also noted Stewart’s history of aiding neocons with their image rebranding and book sales, though he doesn’t draw any conclusions about it like I do. Very polite of him if you ask me. 
… but far more important than tone, in my view, is content.  For instance, Bill Kristol, a repeated guest on The Daily Show, is invariably polite on television, yet uses his soft-spoken demeanor to propagate repellent, destructive ideas.  The same is true for war criminal John Yoo, who also appeared, with great politeness, on The Daily Show.  Moreover, some acts are so destructive and wrong that they merit extreme condemnation (such as Bush’s war crimes).  Glenn Greenwald 
Personally, I have to agree with Mr. Greenwald in that certain actions merit extreme condemnation (like impeachment and imprisonment) and to that list I would like to toss out 1. lying 935 times to justify an illegal war which has killed over a million Iraqi people and dislocated about 4 million others, 2. creating false documents (Niger Yellow Cake) like the neocons at the Office of Special Plans did to justify an illegal war, 3. torture, 4. rendition, 5. secret prisons, 6. CIA backed mercenary death squads 7. depleted uranium spread across Iraq …  I mean, if these actions don’t merit calling George W. Bush (and several of Jon Stewart’s recent guests) a war criminal, what does? 
Is turning a blind eye to such atrocities and war crimes really “sanity” or is it something else? 
“After years of disclosures by government investigations, media accounts and reports from human rights organizations, there is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes,” Taguba wrote. “The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.”  Glenn Greenwald 
It’s clear that Stewart is doing his part to help the globalist regime in charge whitewash the past 10 years. He’s actually helping to rewrite our collective history on these matters and turn “moderate” progressives, those with their heads buried in the sand, against those “fringe” elements who tried to demand justice and accountability from the previous administration. If anything proves Jon Stewart’s complicity in the globalist criminal actions, this is certainly it. 
Colbert is certainly not being left out in the cold either. He just recently “testified” before a congressional sub-committee in congress speaking out in favor of the precursor to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill being pushed by the Obama/Clinton regime but it was actually a holdover from the George Bush administration, that little tidbit they don’t like to mention too much these days. They also don’t like to hear the word “amnesty” tossed out in these congressional hearings, judging from a Democrat’s behavior.
Colbert’s presence at the hearing was insulting to say the least.

His presence was insulting to the congress members who were there and insulting to any intellectually honest American who would be offended that a paid comedian who has been shilling for his globalist boss would actually be asked to join in on any part of a serious discussion of the matter. 
 John Conyers, to his credit, asked Colbert to submit his “testimony” for the record and excuse himself before the hearing took place. He politely reminded Stephen he had nothing of value to add to the discussion, but Colbert couldn’t resist the spotlight and all the play he could get out of the stunt, so he remained but he was clearly shaken that someone there reminded him in public that his presence was nothing more than a PR stunt. He felt foolish and it showed.  It was an embarrassing thing to watch, and if you absolutely have to, here it is
Colbert’s qualifications for being at the hearing was apparently centered around the fact that his film crew and he went out to an upstate New York farm where they filmed him acting like a completely spoiled, lazy American who couldn’t do the work a 65-year-old man sitting on his ass and picking beans in the field could do. Of course, the 65 year old man is here illegally so somehow that makes him capable of doing something a 30-year-old unemployed American can’t do. That’s pretty much the sum total of Stephen Colbert contribution to the discussion. 

unemployed Americans can't do the work this 65-year-old Mexican can do while sitting on his ass in a field
 The Ag Jobs Bill this committee is discussing is an effort supported  by big US agriculture and other major corporations and in essence it would create an official 2nd class citizen status in America for these seasonal migrant workers and give them credit for the years they have worked in the agricultural industry toward a “path toward citizenship” (in short - coming to America illegally to work for slave-wages for 3 years would put them ahead of Mexicans who apply for citizenship legally and have to wait for 6 to 8 years for a green card) . It would also help create an increase in surplus labor which would certainly only serve to drive wages in the agricultural sector to near record lows. But it’s not only the agriculture industry that would be effected as Dr. Carol Swain pointed out during the committee hearing since many of the illegals once here, migrate out of the fields and into other, low skilled jobs, which only serves again to create a labor surplus in those fields and thus even more reductions in pay. The bill will give these slave-citizens the right to organize, a right they actually already have, but since the head of the UFW is clearly in bed with big agriculture here in America, that is like giving autoworkers the “right” to be represented by the UAW… and we all know what that has been good for recently. 
Colbert’s “testimony” was painful to watch and adding insult to injury were his two staff members sitting behind him who clearly understood their little stunt wasn’t going as well as they had imagined it would. Life’s a little harder when you don’t have a studio audience being prompted by electric signs to laugh and applaud when they are told to. It’s also harder when your boss is sitting in front of you pretending like he had something to add to the hearing when he didn’t. 
Maybe this Ag Jobs bill would help. I don’t know. Like most members of congress, I haven’t read it. But maybe we could offer more visas to the immigrants, who, let’s face it, will probably be doing these jobs anyway. And this improved legal status might allow immigrants recourse if they’re abused. And it just stands to reason to me that if your co-worker can’t be exploited then you are less likely to be exploited and that itself might improve pay and working conditions on these farms and eventually Americans may consider taking these jobs again.”  Stephen Colbert 
In the history of convoluted logic, this stands in a seminal position in our recent congressional record, right up there with the healthcare bill being called the best thing for Americans since the New Deal, I suppose. 
The Ag Jobs bill is easy to find so there is no excuse for Stephen Colbert not to have read it, since it is the subject of his “testimony” before congress. The man had zero qualifications for being there and the least he could have done is read the bill.  But he didn’t.
Basically, the bill itself is a holdover from the Bush administration that was tweaked and then submitted in May of 2009 just after the new neoliberal regime took office. It establishes a legal 2nd class citizen role by handing out what they call “blue cards” to certain migrant agricultural workers which locks them into a subservient role similar to the old feudal state. They basically have to take what they are given and STFU because if they get tossed out of the program, fired from the job, they get deported back to Mexico with nothing. 
And it’s not just them. The bill creates a “derivative” legal status for the “blue card” worker’s wife and children which essentially means they can’t be deported even if they are here illegally, just so long as the worker behaves himself. Imagine the threat of having yourself and your entire family deported simply because you speak up for better working conditions or more pay. Quite a threat to be leveled at the worker, quite an incentive to take what he is given and shut up… and this is what the “progressive” left and Stephen Colbert are fighting for? 
That’s neoliberalism folks. 
This country has struggled for 200 years to earn the rights of each and every human being; to end the idea that there is a second class citizen status in America. People have marched, protested, fought and died for that prinicple. And here we have the “progressive” champion Stephen Colbert arguing for the creation of a second class citizenship of slave workers in America. 
If you really want to understand what this is all about, you should have a listen to the testimony of Dr. Carol Swain from Vanderbilt University, a labor rights expert and activist of over 20 years. She used to be considered a hero on the left when she was railing against the injustices of the Bush administration but now that the Obama/Clinton neoliberal regime has taken office, she is vilified on the right AND left for fighting the same good fight. 
Unlike Colbert, Dr. Swain has earned her right to testify before congress on this subject and her words prove it. 
“I contend that America does not have a shortage of agricultural workers, instead we have a manufactured crisis by some who would like to ensure a steady supply of cheap labor and in some cases labor that bi-passes the H2A and H2B visa programs. … these unemployment numbers indicate there are native agricultural workers actively seeking employment in the sector… America cannot continue to bring in low skilled workers to compete with the most disadvantaged Americans…. nor can it continue to turn a blind eye to illegal immigration.  Often surplus labor that starts in the fields migrates into other industries. Without surplus labor, employers would be forced to pay higher wages and many would be forced to improve substandard working conditions… the UFW ‘Take Our Jobs” initiative has not, in my opinion, made a serious effort to recruit American workers, this is a publicity stunt…. the rapid influx of cheap labor from foreign countries creates an over-supply of labor that works against the interests of native workers, it depresses their wages, it reduces their opportunities, and it deters employers from investing in native human capital…. this is a disgrace. Congress needs to reform immigration and they need to protect the most disadvantaged Americans.” Dr. Carol Swain 
Once this bill is passed, and it will be, it’s impact on the already suffering disadvantaged in America will be staggering. There is also nothing that states that other industries won’t push for a similar bill regarding the H2B workers. The bill calls for the agricultural workers to put in 150 days per year and that of course frees them up to work in other industries the remaining 200+. The spouses of these workers will also be free to work in the country under their “derivative” status, which of course will only help to further undermine native workers wage structure even more. 
There is nothing humanitarian or “progressive” about this bill, yet that won’t stop the “moderates” on the left from getting behind it simply because Stephen Colbert showed up at congress and made a fool out of himself. And that of course was the whole point. 
As the neocon/neoliberal agenda moves on, shills like Stewart and Colbert are doing their part to rebrand the cruelty and inhumanity of their corporatist agenda to make it palatable to their audience; the left. These two recent propaganda efforts only prove how tightly the threads of “centrism” are woven in our dominating culture. 
But they also show something else. That it only takes a few minutes, a little research and effort, to expose the fraudulent nature of their work. The emptiness that fills their words. While Stewart argues for the whitewashing of the Bush regime’s history and Colbert clowns for the creation of an indentured servant class of slave labor, each and every remaining liberal gets a little closer to seeing them for what they are; a clearer picture of the puppets and their masters. 
We won’t be fooled again.


  1. Here's my answer to Stewart

  2. bill maher, jon stewart, and colbert are zionist p*gs, people are waking up, and seeing these as*holes, for the truth, their time will come, BOYCOTT THESE SHOWS,

  3. lol...lmfao! They strung people along for years with their unusual humor. That's because these guys, these jewish people, love to fuch with your mind. I hope the jewish people pull together and do something about the corrupt zionist pigs that create so much suffering, lying, deceit and murder. Steward, Maher and Colbert are truly propagandists. They string you along until they have your trust, and then they feed you bullshit!

  4. Wow. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one suspicious of these two. Nice article.

  5. "My TV is broken.
    There are Jews on every channel."

  6. another thing to watch about these zionists, i have posted a video on these so called zionists,

    look at this and it will tell you about the jews, it about the past, it is called Battles BC, look at the 3 main charters Moses, Joshua, and David, and how these 3 assho*les, and then you will know why the Zionist jews are what they are, learn their history, learn what they are, and today you will know what the zionists are all about, SCUM

  7. I've been off the Stewart/Colbert train for months now due to their blatant propaganda around Iran. You've hit the mark with your observations and I'm spreading the word.

  8. boycott these zionist p*gs, bill maher, jon stewart, and colbert

  9. It's down to only jews and few moonshine-drunk hill-folk still pushing the offical 9/11 fairytale. The rest of the world knows. The cat is out of the bag about mossad, Israel and zionists staging the 9/11 false flag.

    jews are scared to death about all non-jews rising up against them...which would be very justified after the genocide they've been committing for so long.

  10. if their jokes were funny they wouldn't need a laugh track

  11. LOL! They have to trash 9/11 truth. It's their duty. They're JEWS. They can't just sit back and let the truth come out that 9/11 was a Mossad false flag for Israel.

    Stop expecting anything else from these maggots because they're NEVER going to admit it.

  12. wanna lose weight? - step 1) hide the remote. step 2) when a Jew comes on the TV, get up and change the channel manually. step 3) repeat step 2).- the pounds just fall off

  13. ok, the boor prefers to adopt noble Scottish name to try and pass for a non Jew. (start laugh track: HA HA HA HA HA you look so so Scottish Jon, laddie! through the street in a kilt I go,,,HA HA HA HA HA,)

  14. Rothschild ordered mayhem. Mossad delivered. Cheney and Bush helped. All US TV networks are guilty of accessory to treason. Stewart is worthless piece of shit and a zio shill. cancel your cable.

    watch 'september clues'

  15. Colbert jokingly alluded to his Irish grandpa, a rumored murderer, so I was waiting for someone to ask him if that explained his obvious affinity for the criminals breaking into the country. Farm work is HARD he assured us, but driving a taxi would be hard to someone paid millions by corpos to sit around cracking wise between ads. (Probably the same corpos running the agribusiness.)

  16. Very good article!

    Just one thing about the "illegal migrant workers"....

    The whole issue of illegal immigration is not just about the farm worker. Where I live I do know of people here illegally working on the farms. But that is only one segment of the issue. Many are here working in hotels, moving companies, carpentry, and other productive jobs that are essential to our economy.

    These people, like colbert (who insults our legal and political system with his not-funny joking) are definitely working for a master. He says he has some deep feelings for these people being (calling them his "brothers")....when he goes home to a gated community and has none of them challenging his line of work!!

    He is intellectually DISHONEST and so are the many progressives who beat this drum.

  17. He brags about working one day in hot sun.

    When I was a kid, before the laws changed, me and my brother and sister went to the berry fields and worked in the hot sun. I remember starting when I was about 7 years old and did this until I was 10. I also worked the blueberry fields as a teenager. We were able to buy most our school supplies and clothes with the money we made.

    As the corporate farms have taken over the family farms, in came the Mexicans. Sure, Mexicans came before too, but they have increased over the years as corporate farms have replaced many of the family farms.

  18. oh, and now I know why Bill Mayer gets so angry at the 9/11 Truthers....Same guy, Kevin Bleyer, behind him.

    I did not know this. I am going to bookmark this article.

    This and the last two Anonymous posts are mine...Ok I will stop going on and on, now. Sometimes its just very easy to go on and on, though

  19. Yes, a good critique. However, I might highlight this:

    "Maybe it's time for either of these comedic geniuses to show some moral backbone and intellectual courage and bring David Ray Griffin or David Chandler onto their shows...."

    Or perhaps they should save time and NOT have those guys on - because they are not interested in how the WTC was destroyed. Maybe they should have Dr Judy Wood on - to talk about how cars turned upside down and talk about why Hurricane Erin was closest to NYC on 911 at about 8am.
    She could then also talk about the court case she started against NIST's MIC contractors (which Chandler, Griffin, AE911 truth etc have NOT been involved with).

    It might also be worth considering Willy Loman's role in trashing this research.

    Please approve this comment - unless, like Stewart, Colbert and Willy Loman you believe in censorship and mis-representation of this information. Thanks.

  20. If 9-11 wasn't an inside job, why won't the Government turn over metal samples to independent labs for analysis. Also Planet Green network presented a documentary called 9-11:Toxic Legacy. In the opening segment of that program they discuss the health of first responders with respect to their inhalation of dust from the building collapses, and listed radioactive particles as being present in the dust at ground zero. Can jet fuel turn concrete, steel and aluminum radioactive? Can jet fuel cause the 47,(not 16 as reported), 4 inch thick central support columns to remain in a molten state in the lowest level of the sub-basement area of the twin towers for weeks after the collapse? How can Newtonian Physics account for heat necessary for the steel to remain molten because of the weight the columns being removed in a matter of seconds?
    Any investigator worthy of their job would be asking these questions and more. But now, because we have a black Democratic president in the Whitehouse we dare not ask the very same questions we asked in 2001. No, we simply can't seek the truth when there is a Democrat to bash!
    Wake up people, this is your duty as citizens of this great nation. Use your own minds, do the research and make up you're own minds, don't just sit back and let the GOP tell you how to think!!

  21. I used to think these guys were really funny (still do - no question these are "great"/effective comedians) but haven't been able to watch them since the last Presidential election because to me their level of bias towards Obama and incessant McCain-bashing was nauseating to me. Personally I wasn't even a big fan of either candidate! But I found the level of media bias in that election to be offensive, scary, painfully obvious, and sickening, with Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert being among the worst offenders. SNL is another show I used to like but will no longer watch for pretty much the same reasons - yes they make fun of all sides but they treat the left and the right very differently in terms of how they choose to treat their subject. It's funny I can even still watch the news even knowing how full of crap it is but to me these shows are worse because they so effectively hide their messages behind the guise of laughter and smiles.

  22. You guys on here are great. FINALLY, everyone seems to be waking up to these a**holes. Can someone show me ONE Jew who is a 9/11 truther? Anyone? No, of course you can't. They KNOW who pulled off the hoax. They are ACTIVELY covering-up the false-flag committed by ISRAEL. This is TREASON of the worst kind.

    Ever wonder why the mainstream media won't touch 9/11? Because we all know WHO controls the media.

  23. Yes, these people are funny & that is how they sway most people (expecially younger viewers) to their side. It's all sublimial. No, the mainstream media won't 'touch' 9/11 cause they know the truth.

    Hey, is it time for the Revoulution!! Need to read a new book out about people, just like you and me, who finally take a stand against federal tyranny. It's a great read cause the same causes are there again. I recommend it.

  24. Here's a little experiment for everyone..sign on to Huffpost and criticize Jon S. the so-called "superusers" will swarm and flame you. it's really quite amusing. especially when their comments to you are invisible to the rest of the site. don't know how they do it but it's dishonest.

  25. The best, most penetrating news analysis I have seen on TV is on Steward's and Colbert's shows. Of course, you Tea Party crowd are going to have problems with the 'true facts' they are dishing out. This is not to say that Israel and 9/11 aren't problems, but continually tilting at wind mills is a problem. We got massive unemployment in this country and another Republican tax cut for the rich is a brain dead response. Yes, on Stewart and Colbert, their not just laughing with you - but at you. And the younger generation are going to bury your stupid Republican ideas in a sanitary landfill. So Get Real!

  26. Really what does it matter if the government admits they orchestrated 9/11? What does it change? Really, the NSA admitted the Gulf of Tonkin incident was orchestrated by the US government, the majority of Americans don't care. The CIA admits they went ahead with . The Church Committee admitted JFK's assassination was a conspiracy, the majority of Americans don't care. Would the useless eaters enjoying their bread and circuses care one iota if they found out they were being murdered through their air, food, water, culture?

    You can't be THAT incompetent!

  27. whoops I meant to say went ahead with the Bay of Pigs w/o the president's approval...

  28. The 9/11 scam was all about money for the Military Industrial Complex war machine and the distruction of America's freedom and Bill of Rights. The New World Order's U.N. can't have a One World Government till America falls as the example for the world. This seems to be 90% plus done. Once they illegalize guns in America, the Elitist win world dommination.

  29. Colbert is Catholic, not a Jew.

  30. Excellent summation Scott. It's about time someone called Stewart on his boot licking of war criminals. That is exactly why I stopped watching his show a few years ago.

    As for Colbert having nothing to say and getting to appear before congress anyway, I guess it just illustrates what a farce our system of government has become.

    That's the bad news. The good news is many of the sleeping sheeple are finally starting to "get it."

    Anyone with eyes and ears and a working brain knows 9/11 was an inside job.

  31. Their are Jews who believe 9/11 was an inside job, who don't support the wars, and don't support expanding this disaster to Iran. Don't paint with to big a brush..please. As for Jon stewart and others who are on TV - why be too surprised that they are promoting lies...the surprise would come if they were telling the truth.

  32. "Anonymous said...

    Their are Jews who believe 9/11 was an inside job,"

    so what? 911 was jew job, like ww1 ww2 etc

  33. It doesn't really matter whether 9/11 was an inside job.

    Bush et al used it cynically as an excuse to start two wars, which is arguably worse.

    Move on.. fight another day.

  34. move on? are you kidding? everyone has moved on...the dumbed-down masses move on past the lies they are constantly told in nanoseconds....fight another day? ...problem is, by "another day" there mat be nothing left to fight for.

    yep, the media is completely controlled by the globalists, as is our government. The CFR was formed in 1921, this isn't new. We've reached the point now where the people are so manipulated and selfish they dont care.

    Why else would these "comedians" be getting so much attention? keep everyone spinning,,,thats the key. I hear these "people are starting to wake up to 911, etc" statements, but dont see a whole lot of proof out least not in SW Ohio...hang on tight. it gets deeper!

  35. It is supremely important that the sheeple of the United States of Israel realize the implications of a controlled media.

    "(usually used with a plural verb) the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely"

    This means that ALL NEWS we get must pass "muster" by the corporate Jews and failing to do so means you don't hear it!

    Further, (this is even MORE sinister), that which they allow the "Goy" to read, listen to, see etc will be skewed to favor the owners of our "Renfield Class", (Talmudic Jews, Israel), and make certain you see them in only a *sniff*, poor victim light.
    One need only research the holocaust lie fed to the West to see all the benefits they cull from the WORLD through the propogation of that.
    As for Hollywood, there is no doubt who controls it, they are so confident in their power there that they make no "bones" about it.
    As for CONTENT,....well, to make it abundantly clear what a cesspool it is, simply recall Michael Moore being booed off stage for condemning the illegal, (achieved through lies fed by Jew MEDIA), invasion and slaughter in Iraq and literally moments later the same mass of evil swine gave a STANDING OVATION to the Talmudic Jew Polanski who was found guilty of drugging and raping a thirteen year old! He jumped bond and to this day has NEVER served a moment in Prison for it. Granted, it was a 13 year old Goyim child, but still!
    To further make the point, the Talmudic Jew media has kept the treasonous slaughter of OUR TROOPS on the USS Liberty from us, (with major help from John McCain's father, which included threats of court martial OR WORSE if they spoke of it), John McCain was just re-elected AGAIN! You see, we STILL haven't thrown out those electronic ballot machines.

    A people tend to get the kind of government they deserve, that being said, the majority of the "Goy" here in the U.S. of Israel are getting their just desert.

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