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AE911Truth in DC & NY This 9/11 Anniversary - National Press Club

Architects and Engineers
Call for a New 9/11 Investigation

Over 1,300 professionals signed petition to be presented to Congress

AE911Truth.org founder Richard Gage to come to Washington.

The Rock Creek Free Press, in cooperation with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth has created a new full color 4 page newspaper packed with information about the destruction of the buildings on 9/11/2001. Find out why over 1,300 professional architects and engineers don't believe the government's account.

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Download PDF of the 911Investigator newspaper >>

September 11 Anniversary Events

This year for the 9/11 Anniversary we will be helping AE911Truth.org founder Richard Gage bring his petition, signed by almost 1300 professional architects and engineers, to Congress.

Coordinating Meeting Sunday Sept 5

Events start with a meeting and envelope stuffing party at George Ripley's house on Sunday Sept 5.

Press Conference Thursday Sept 9

Richard will hold a presser at the National Press Club at 2:00pm. Please come if you can. If you have contacts in the press call on them to attend.

Rally at the White House Saturday Sept 11

dc911Truth will hold a rally at the White House. Meet at Lafayette Park at Noon.

Please assist our efforts if you can.

ae911truth | August 31, 2010
Join us this Fall with serious actions. In this informal 15 minute video clip, Richard Gage, AIA runs through a quick overview for each of our 6 Action Alerts. http://www.ae911truth.org/news/41-art...

Action #1 - We are asking some of our AE911Truth supporters to travel to DC, along with our AE911Truth staff, to meet with your Congress members. http://www.ae911truth.org/news/41-art...

Action #2 - We will hold a major press conference and mock debate at the National Press Club on September 9 while each of you, once again, hold a concurrent press conference at a government location such as outside your legislator's office in your state - like you did on February 19th.http://ae911truth.org/news/41-article...

Action #3 - We are asking all of our AE911Truth supporters to meet with your Congressional representatives in your community -- their home turf -- by early October.http://ae911truth.org/news/41-article...

Action #4 - Help us on Capitol Hill to deliver the AE911Truth petition, with all 1,000 A/E names, our brochure, and our DVD, 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, into the offices of all Congressional representatives on Sept 7 and 8. http://ae911truth.org/news/41-article...

Action #5 - Reach 1,000's in your community by putting "9/11: Blueprint for Truth" on the air with your local public access TV. http://ae911truth.org/news/41-article...

Action #6 - Roll-out of AE911Truth Action Groups. Join one or start your own. We already have several in the SF Bay Area. Help the AE911Truth mission succeed in your local area.http://www2.ae911truth.org/actionaler...

Please Join us in the Action that you are personally called to

The grateful volunteers of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth 

This is the AE911Truth Season - The September 11th Anniversary
Written by Rich Caragol, Architect   
Friday, 03 September 2010 15:16
In advance of the 9 year anniversary of September 11, AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, and volunteers will be traveling to Washington, DC, and New York City in a flurry of important presentations and activities, including conferencing with and delivery of our petition and evidence to the offices of members of Congress.
Washington, DC (September 9 – 10)

On September 9, a major press conference will be held by AE911Truth in Washington DC at the prestigious National Press Club, whose building is home to no less than 200 media groups who will be hand delivered our press release, bringing awareness that now over 1,270 architects and engineers are calling for a new investigation, and re-emphasizing the discovery of nanothermite energetic pyrotechnic materials in the World Trade Center dust. On the same day,AE911Truth press conferences will be held in dozens of cities across the country.
You can help. View the message from Richard Gage, AIA for more instructions on all the activities you can help with in our Fall campaign.

Following the press conference, but still in the National Press Club, AE911Truth will host a mock debate in which a virtual team of defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory will be on display. Tune in September 9, 2 PM EDT, for this major panel debate and live webcast. Key opponents are the dozens of technically qualified individuals, but who steadfastly defend the official story. We have invited them to the debate but have not been successful in getting them to the table. We’ll take them on, one at a time. We will address specific technical statements they have made in support of the official conspiracy theory, which will give us an opportunity to present our key points of evidence.

While in Washington including the morning of Sept. 10, we will also be leveraging public officials into supporting a real investigation into the destruction of the three Towers. AE911Truth, with the assistance of local reinforcements will also be delivering copies of the petition along with the forensic scientific evidence to each of the 541 members of Congress. The package to be delivered will also include: The new DVD, The AE911Truth San Francisco Press Conference: February 19, 2010, our brochure, and the first edition of AE911Truth’s newspaper “911 Investigator” available now for view as a PDF, HTML, or in hardcopy bundles. “911 Investigator” is a four page, color broadsheet newspaper that includes articles discussing all of the key evidence in one publication.
New York City (September 10 – 12)

In New York City, we will be presenting at the “'We are Change' Conference 2010: Our Lives after 911.”  The conference will feature such notable people as Cynthia McKinney (Former Congresswoman), Cindy Sheehan (Peace Activist), Bob Schulz (WeThePeople Foundation), Barry Cooper (DEA Whistleblower & Filmmaker of “Never Get Busted”), Ray McGovern (former CIA analyst), George Galloway (Former PM & Founder of Viva Palestina), Mathis Chiroux (IVAW), Christine Ebersole (Tony Award Winner), Daniel Sunjata (Actor from FX's “Rescue Me”)... plus many more...

During our New York City awareness event, we will be officially launching ourAE911Truth Action Groups – all across the world.  Join or start a group today. We’ll be working together to coordinate effective strategies for waking up people everywhere.
On the evening of September 10th, 5:30-10 PM EDT in midtown Manhattan, Mr. Gage will address 911 supporters who have had street visibility all day. It is expected to be a lively update on our activities throughout the year and how we can obtain a real WTC investigation before the 10-year anniversary of this manufactured catastrophe.
On the evening of 9/11/10, the 9th anniversary, there will be a special outdoor event bringing new light to the destruction of the third WTC skyscraper in NYC on 9/11.  Stay tuned!

On Sunday the 12th, 5:30 PM, join Mr. Gage where he will participate in a lively panel discussion about the hard evidence regarding the destruction of these skyscrapers. Mr. Gage will be appearing with notables like Wayne Madsen, Hank Albarelli , Ralph Schoenman, Kevin Ryan, Niels Harritt, Crockett Grabbee.

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