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By “EyesWideOpen” a reader at Veterans Today
It’s refreshing to see there are so many people who “get it”– except maybe Steve. This was a great article and there are some really good comments here. I want to point out something I haven’t seen written about before regarding 9/11 and maybe it will cause some people who still don’t get it or refuse to examine the mountains of evidence pointing to 9/11 being an inside job to rethink their beliefs in the official story coming from our corporate government and their mouthpiece media.
Since there are so many vets here who I assume would understand attack strategies I thought this would be the place to bring this up.
While the events of 9/11 were in progress, remember how we were all waiting for the fighter jets that protect America to show up any second to handle the situation? Remember how we all expected that to happen, how it was just second nature to expect our military jets to come swooping in any second, and then remember that feeling of total incredulity when they never appeared as America was under attack? I know we were all waiting for them to take care of the situation, especially when the Pentagon was hit, the PENTAGON which some alleged hijacked plane had to fly through the most “protected airspace” in the world in order to hit it and we all couldn’t figure out how that could have happened and why there were no fighter jets protecting the nation’s capitol.
Why did we, as a nation, expect to see the fighter jets flying up and handling the situation? Because it is standard operating procedure (SOP) to scramble jet fighters whenever a jetliner goes off course or radio contact with it is lost or its transponder is turned off. Between January 2001 and September 2001, interceptors were scrambled 67 times. In the year 2000 jets were scrambled 129 times. They have never once in history not been scrambled. Besides, we just know our nation is protected and we just know that our military has these amazing jets capable of doing amazing things and we just know their number one priority is protecting our country and we just know that our military is well-trained and rabid about defense.
Over the course of America’s history, our military might and our military technology has been rightfully feared, revered and respected.
We all know the official story blames these foreigners who supposedly planned the whole thing from their hideouts in some remote caves in Afghanistan. Pretend YOU are Osama bin Laden, an apparently super-intelligent guy who they say was the main planner of this amazing, complicated and dramatic attack on American soil. (Now they have changed the main culprit to KSM, but for my point it doesn’t matter.)
Think in terms of military strategy. Here you are planning this attack on the USA, something that hasn’t been done since Pearl Harbor. In the years since Pearl Harbor, you would have to assume America has honed her defense skills and strategies to prevent it from ever happening again. You would absolutely have to know about the SOP regarding America’s domestic defense systems and the scrambling of fighter jets. You would have to be aware of the protected airspace surrounding DC. You would have to know about airport security, about NORAD, about our intelligence systems of which I think there were 16 separate agencies at the time. There is no way you could plan such an elaborate attack without knowing all these critical things down to the finest detail, is there?
You plan to send in these 19 ragtag terrorists, many who barely spoke a word of English to outfox and overpower the entire US military and intelligence apparatus as well as the security systems of several airports, and then hijack 4 airplanes by overpowering all the flight crews with box-cutters including a pilot who not only was a combat vet, but also held multiple black belts in martial arts. Then your boys would somehow perform expert aerial maneuvers and fly these hijacked jets into not-easy-to-hit buildings, including flying one into the Pentagon, which not only was reputed to have its own defense system as in missiles, but which lies inside the most protected territory in the world. And nothing, not one little thing can go wrong in order for your plan to work! If the airport security personnel were doing their jobs and just one of these 19 Arabs got caught or even detained, or one missed his flight, or one of the planes got really delayed, or the weather turned bad, the whole mission would be compromised.
So why would anyone, especially one as intelligent as Osama bin Laden, plan something so intricate, so risky and actually so ridiculously impossible? (I keep saying how intelligent bin Laden was because from what the government says he did, the guy’s pure genius with Superhero qualities!) Why on earth would anyone think they could plan something this risky and ridiculous and not expect complete failure at just about every stage?
First, why would he think that airport security wouldn’t somehow detain even one of his terrorists? Okay, let’s say that airport security at every port had one of bin Laden’s guys working security allowing the bad guys to get through.
But then he’d have to count on each one being able to successfully hijack not just one, but FOUR separate airplanes. Then he’d have to count on each one of his ragtag men to be able to accurately maneuver those planes that none had ever flown before and accurately hit their targets, then hope that somehow hitting 2 buildings in NYC would miraculously cause 3 to collapse. Then, despite the reputation of the US military, and despite the SOP for scrambling jets, and despite the fact that some of these hijacked airplanes would be flying around for almost two hours, he’d have to count on no military jets being scrambled despite the fact it had never happened before ever in history! The average time for a fighter jet to be scrambled to intercept an errant airplane is only 10 minutes! Then he’d have to count on the Pentagon not launching a missile to shoot down the hijacked plane before it could slam into the building.
Why would anyone plan such an event knowing how impossible it would all be? Even if a lunatic planned it that would not make the impossible possible. It was an impossible thing. Think about that. He would have to rely on sheer luck, sheer chance, and just cross his fingers and hope for the best. He would have to hope for some really deep institutional failings deep within the US government, and the US military, and the US intelligence system, and why on earth would someone who had such a brilliant mind even dream of such a stupid (non)strategy? Why would he expect hundreds of Americans to have such an unrealistic amount of incompetence especially all in that one day during the most critical times in order for his plan to succeed?
Then, after all was said and done, he would plan it out so there would not even be enough evidence to convict him in a court of law– (he’s not even wanted by the FBI for the 9/11 attacks because according to the FBI “there’s no evidence showing he was behind it.”) What was even more incredible is that at least 7 of the 19 “hijackers” were found to be alive and well after crashing those planes. All of them, invincible and amazing, just like Superheroes! What an amazing feat, and to somehow pull it all off despite America’s tight defense protocol and feared, revered, and amazingly competent defense systems says a lot about Osama bin Laden and his 19 religiously fanatical nutcase terrorists. It also says a lot about how totally and ridiculously inept and incompetent Americans allegedly are. Whatever.
One more thing to ponder is this: why on earth would Osama bin Laden want to attack the mightiest military machine on the planet, knowing full well that the payback for such an attack would devastate all of Islam and be a death sentence to Muslims worldwide? Why would he want to bring such horror and destruction upon his people? What benefit would OBL and his terrorist team reap from this venture? If you honestly look at it, who really benefitted? Did the Muslim people benefit, even a little? Or did the corporations, the military industrial complex, the banks, and the neocons benefit? Bush and Company said that we were attacked because they hated us and hated our “freedoms.”
Well, think about it– if they “hated us for our freedoms”, what would the 9/11 events do to destroy or even harm these freedoms? Nothing. However, it was our own government that immediately started dismantling and eviscerating our Constitution and Bill of Rights, starting with the pre-written 11,000+ page US Patriot Act. Our elected servants were threatened with martial law if they didn’t sign it immediately. It is not the Muslims, but our own government who has been steadily taking our freedoms away from us ever since 9/11 by using 9/11 as an excuse, and it is getting worse and worse as the days go by. So-called enemies like OBL, a known CIA operative, or any America-hating terrorist could only dream of doing to the US what our own government has done to us and to our American way of life. This was not a Muslim “terrorist” attack at all, but it was terrorists who did this to us. Unfortunately, these terrorists are homegrown and still in power in our increasingly oppressive police state that once was really the land of the free, home of the brave. We have become the land of the oppressed and dumbed-down, and the home of a lot of apathetic sheeple. (except for the people on this site!)
Honestly looking at 9/11 from every angle, looking at the mountains and mountains of irrefutable evidence proving it was an inside job and then doing the research to see that there’s still not one shred of evidence to even remotely show that the official story is true, anyone with half a brain should be able to wake up and see what the hell really happened and why it really happened. It is only when the majority of Americans wake up to see the truth about 9/11 that we’ll be able to save our country from the abyss we are falling into.
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  1. Dave Winnett says:
    With great respect for you, for Veterans Today, and for the institution of free speech; I respectfully disagree with the notion that the events of September 11, 2001 were carried out by anyone other than the Muslim extremists who to this day continue to murder Americans at every opportunity. Maybe one day these theories will be revealed as truth, to some degree, but today I just cannot get my head around a conspiracy that had to have involved scores of people in the government, one of whom would no doubt spill the beans at some point. I spent twenty years as a Marine, defending the rights of all Americans to express opinions such as these, but perhaps I love my country too much to even consider such fantastic proposals. God bless all of us for having the freedom to say what we think. Semper Fi, Dave Winnett, Captain, USMC (Ret.)


  1. Israel did 911 with a very small group of high ranking American officials providing help. There were only 5 people arrested on 911 and they are now known to be Israeli Mossad. They were celebrating the collapse of the towers and filming. I urge all military members to read about and listen to interviews from this man.
    "Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He is listed in WHO'S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky's teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad. You can email Dr. Alan Sabrosky at:"

    Wake up America!!!

  2. Well what most people do not realise is that Don Rumsfeld changed the SOP in June 2001.

    Previously, any commercial aircraft veering too far off course, losing a transponder or such like could be intercepted on the order of any 4 star general, of which several are available at any given time.

    After June the rules were changed so that an intercept could only be authorised by the President, Vice President or Defence Secretary.

    Why did they change the SOP only 3 months before the attack?

    On September 11th, all three were unable (allegedly) to give the intercept order in time. In spite of the fact, admitted publicly by GW Bush that he saw the first plane hit the Twin Tower, before he went into the classroom. (he must have been the only person in America to see it as it was not on any public television until footage was shown much later that evening). We also know that Dick Cheney was in a bunker under the Whitehouse with the Transport secretary and they were counting down the miles as the pentagon plane approached.

    The Pentagon being hit by whatever did hit it is what makes me believe to this day that it was an inside job.

    If the Pentagon had been hit first, I might be more inclined to believe it was a genuine surprise attack, but it was hit 80 minutes after the first sign of trouble and over an hour after the first plane hit the first twin tower.

    The rest of America may have been surprised by the attack, but NORAD should not have been, this is exactly what they drill for and exactly what they were running drills for at the time of the attack.

    Are we really expected to believe that the professionals are so surprised about the thing, (that they are employed and trained intensely specifically to prevent happening), actually happening that they cannot act to deal with it in a timely manner, especially when timing is a crucial and central part of their training?

    That is like suggesting that the fire department cannot put out house fires when they really happen because the shock of them occurring is such a surprise that they are paralysed with fear and shock.

    The USAF, the DOD, the Pentagon and the Military staff including and up to the Vice President of the USA had up to 80 minutes to scramble jets which were available at Andrews AFB only 10 miles away.

    It is still inconceivable to me that they somehow failed to do so through fear, shock, inaction, laziness or incompetence. For so many people in the chain of command to fail to carry out their constitutional duty to defend the United States? It is utterly and completely inconceivable. I would suggest that this serial failure of the entire chain of command is far more inconceivable than the notion that this was in inside job, that they allowed this attack to proceed in order to gain the political means to proceed with the "multiple theatre wars" that senior members of the administration advertised they wanted to enact on gaining power in the PNAC documents.

  3. "It is still inconceivable to me that they somehow failed to do so through fear, shock, inaction, laziness or incompetence. For so many people in the chain of command to fail to carry out their constitutional duty to defend the United States?"

    Unless their loyalty is NOT to the US but another country. "Does the order STILL stand"?

    Because in the end, what has the US really gained in power from the outcome of the attacks?

  4. I applaud your courage and your logical analysis. Allow me to add:

    1. The cabal in power lied time and time again about the event of 9/11 (whether anyone in government had ever imagined such an attack, Iraq, etc.);

    2. The liar in chief came out with the statement that "we should not tolerate 'conspiracy theories'";

    3. The security at all airports in question was being ran by an Israeli firm;

    4. From a Physics point of view, it would have been impossible to have the collapse at almost free fall speed, the way the happened, without some other force removing supportive columns on every floor at the same time. Over 170 firefighters reported hearing explosions and seeing flashes of light going up and down the buildings and from side to side;

    5. Of the 5 Israelis arrested, only 3 were stopped while celebrating. Traces of explosives were found in their vehicles. The other 2 were stopped with explosive laden van. almost 200 other Israelis were arrested afterwards with box cutters, flight manuals, or explosive traces. The head of urban moving company, for whom all these worked, was a mossad operative and escaped to Israel shortly after the operation;

    6. Nethenyahu said the 9/11 operation was "very good" for Israel.

  5. 5 -> Escaped? Like a criminal after a crime?

    Afterwards in Israel, the partying highfivers claimed to only have been there to "document" the event. Like they had exclusive foreknowledge of a crime that only the criminals could have had in their little "conspiracy"... Who gave them the order to document and not report to the authorities?

    And if they were not the purpetraters (Of the demolition part of the event.), or a side branch of the operation, then why NOT warn the Authorities?

  6. US is the only country allowing former members of a foreign nation's military and government to hold high level office. That country is Israel. On 9/11, many former Israeli officials (they were advisors in Nethenyahu government) were appointed to high level offices in the White House, FBI, and so on. These are the same people, who in a document years ago, had indicated that the only way Israel could achieve its aims was for another Pearl Harbor type attack on USA. What do you suppose they did when they took the hold of government?!

    In terms of suspension of NORAD processes, please read more on the hijaking simulations going on that very day and how false flight information was being fed into the NORAD system. Is this something a bunch of guys in a cave could have controlled?

  7. More facts about Israeli connection to 9/11 and the head of the "Urban Moving" Mossad front, who escaped to Israel:

    Recently, in the archives of youtubes I ran across a very interesting interview of the late Shah of Iran (he was a secular ally of US and Israel). It is pretty informative and coincidental, how shortly after this, he lost support of Israelis who had been running US middle east policy and was deposed:

    More importantly, he alleges Israeli control of US Banking (think the last few heads of Fed Resever) and Media apparatus! If nothing else, that control has been tightened and expanded on Congress (where 400+ congressman sign up and shut up on anything Israeli moles like AIPAC, ADL, AJC, and so on want - including war on Iraq), by extension the White House (Presidents nominees need to be approved by Senate), and with the latest supreme court appointment now have the third Israeli Jew with "special ties with Israel".

    Pretty soon, you can forget about 3 separate and equal branches of government. On Issues that Israel wants, we are going to have 1 voice, by Israeli moles, whether they pretend to be on the left or right.

  8. Hey I know Israel is evil incarnate and most of their residents can do nothing but lie cheat steal and murder, but since everyone is all aboutu doing more research, why don't we all research HOW they came into being? How the British and the Vatican and the Rothschilds and USA industrialists under their control set up Hitler then they set up their own master race in Israel. Don't believe the British "queen" claims to be a jewish descendant of david and thinks of her offspring as the (anti-) messiah? Think again. Think this pope, who was also a hitler youth and spent his career covering up the abuse of children in their "church?" is not also a a "jew?" Think the Rothschilds are not conncected at the hip to england and the vatican? BWAHAHAhA. Think America isn't controlled by these entities through the jew media, jew federal reserve, freemason politicians, jesuit schools and universities? Think again. Wonder where their power all comes from? Add the 43 coutnries of the British Commonwealth + 1 billion catholics + millions and millions of freemason judges, politicians, cops, newsreporters, celebrities etc. + who knows how many filthy rich jews + they also controlled Russia and communism - again through the rothschilds and british.
    Hey I am all for condemning that desert trash wannabe israel, but they DO NOT run everything - its a symptom of a much much bigger problem. Thanks.

  9. wtc7 is the smoking gun that proves 9/11 was an inside job.

    over 1200 professional architects and engineers have put their reputations on the line by publicly demanding a real investigation of 9/11.

  10. anonymous poster at (August 26, 2010 7:21 AM)it is paramount that you distinguish the difference between jews and zionists- indeed most zionists are jewish but not all jews are zionist also not all zionist are jewish- these racist diversions are not going unnoticed- you are a shill - we see your trap- the truth is all the players are visible- we are legion

  11. Once in history when your country was threatened by the British Empirial Rothschild tyranny, some patriotic leaders inspired your ancestors to rise up and free themselves. This spirit occured a second time in your history in order to dispose of the quite disgraceful slave trade. My God it needs to happen again NOW. Where is your Courage America!

  12. Hello, I am a terrorist mastermind, and I graduated from the Wile E. Coyote college of terrorism.

    I'm going to board a 757 30 miles from DC, let it fly all the way to the Ohio/Kentucky/WV border, turn off the transponder, calling immediate attention to myself, and then turn around an unarmed airliner and fly it through hundreds of miles of closed-off airspace, begging the USAF to blast me out of the sky like a clay pigeon. Remember, I'm a terrorist mastermind.

    And you know it's true, because FOX News said so.

    Oh, and Dave Winnett? You're a retard. And nothing you did had anything to do with protecting anybody's freedoms, despite your brainwashing. And if anybody in the military had anything to do with that today, a whole lot of people in a certain area on the East coast would be in prison or worse.

  13. One possible scenario: an enemy entity smuggled atom bombs and hid them in cities around the country (ever see Telefon?). A moving van company would be a good cover. If the enemy entity controlled companies that manufactured systems to remotely operate airliners and systems that eavesdropped on government communications, so much the better. A message to the White House to go look at such-and-such a location where one of these bombs is located would alert the government.

    Another message explaining the 9/11 plan would have been sent along with the warning that should the government interfere, say bye to say, Spokane, Toledo and Atlanta...cities that would not be missed much.

    Then, if top government officials were complicit in the crime of 9/11, then are they really criminal? Remember Coventry. Some defense-related decisions are quite hard to make, but need to be.

    So even if the government (and I am no fan of Cheney and Bush) was/is complicit with the crime, are they really criminals? It's like arresting a guy who robs a bank wearing an explosive collar.

    Maybe the Cold war was won...but we lost...and nobody told us. Congress is Sovietizing the country more and more each day.

    But that is just one most, we can only speculate.

  14. chris said...
    "One possible scenario: an enemy entity smuggled atom bombs and hid them in cities around the country
    Yeah, like this enemy entity? - Israeli NYC Embassy A Radiation Hot Spot?

  15. "One possible scenario: an enemy entity smuggled atom bombs and hid them in cities around the country"

    You mean like this:

    And then world wide in plain view for all with open eyes to see, when all the blackmailed countries have their representatives walk out of speeches
    1 Really make sense for human equality
    2 Are making a perfectly logic case for equal justice for all humans on this planet for times to come.
    in the UN but not conform Israeli interests and goals

    "So even if the government (and I am no fan of Cheney and Bush) was/is complicit with the crime, are they really criminals?"

    YES! because there is another way...

    FACE the consequences as a FREE people, and then give the people a choice instead of MIS-leading the people to create a lynch mob of blind and crippled warriors, that have sworn a oath to protect freedom!!!!!!!

    Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst Of Evils. General John Stark,

  16. error (Can't edit)

    in the UN but not conform Israeli interests and goals

    in the UN that are not conform Isaels interests and goals

    And there are a lot of countries under control.

  17. All the actual evidence points to an inside job. Even the rapidity by which the cover story came to be disseminated and officially approved reeks of insider set up. But for me, the proof is in GWB receiving the information that the second tower had been hit--look at his reaction--Bush is acknowledging an update, not receiving horrible news of a nation under attack. I've watched the footage again and again, and that is the only conclusion I can make. HE KNEW!!

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