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Meet the Southern Poverty Law Center: peek behind the facade to find poverty pimping, race baiting and much, much worse

Episode #132 - Meet the Southern Poverty Law Center
Date/Duration:2010/06/06 / 54:34
Description:This week on The Corbett Report we peek behind the facade of the Southern Poverty Law Center and find poverty pimping, race baiting and much, much worse.
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Please take the time to listen to the 54 minute show in total to get the full run down on this info and documentation provided below, which you can do in the Corbett Report audio widget on the right of the page. Don't forget to visit Corbett Report for an incredible library of well-sourced state crimes of which you need to be aware. 

When a hate crime is something to love

Wesley Pruden, Editor in Chief/The Washington Times

     Black pain and white piety is a winning combination in contemporary America, as any number of phony liberals have demonstrated over the years.

     Nobody manipulates this combination better than Morris Dees. Few do it as well.

     Racism in America has become big business, real and otherwise, which is no doubt why Bill Clinton, who got caught several years ago peddling a phony story about church-burning in Arkansas, says he'll be getting into it from his $700,000-a-year offices in midtown Manhattan. The appetite for sensation, even when it is half-baked sensation, is insatiable, and Morris Dees could show him how to profit from it.

     Mr. Dees is a lawyer in Montgomery, Ala., who is the "national chairman" of something called the Southern Poverty Law Center, which sounds like the hide-out of a noble band of warriors against hate crime and other racial wrongs, but is actually a fund-raising scheme that could teach televangelists a thing or two.

     In fact, maybe it has. Morris Dees, says his former partner, "is the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the civil rights movement, though I don't mean to malign Jim and Tammy Faye."

     Mr. Dees took in $44 million from gullible contributors, mostly white, in 1999 and spent $13 million actually trying to help the poor and beaten down, mostly black, fight for their civil rights. He has been well known for years to reporters in the South, most of whom have never written much about who he really is. Mr. Dees, like the late I.F. Stone or the living Jesse Jackson, became a pet rock of the media, engaged in a calling so noble that it is regarded as tasteless, or at least suicidal, to notice that he runs around naked. The Rev. Billy Don Moyers endorses his fund-raising schemes, so what else does anyone need to know?

     Ken Silverstein recently told another version of the Morris Dees story in Harper's magazine, and it's a tale well told.

What captured Mr. Silverstein's attention is the most recent project of the Dees "law center," a kit called "Teaching Tolerance" that is available for only $30 on the Dees Web site, with the firm but meaningless assurance that's it's "a $325 value." (Why not $425? $525?)

     What the buyer gets is a compendium of hate crimes that any casual newspaper reader already knows about, described in vivid ink of a purple hue, spreading the alarm that the Ku Klux Klan, heavily armed white-citizen militias and six Nazi Panzer divisions that never made it to Omaha Beach are bearing down on Cleveland, or maybe Providence. Even a journalist for the 11 O'clock Eyeball News on Channels 3 through 10 would blush twice trying to peddle stuff like this.

     Then we get the dirty little secret of hate-crime reporting. "Horrifying as such incidents are," writes Mr. Silverstein, "hate groups commit almost no violence. More than 95 percent of all 'hate crimes,' including most of the incidents [Mr. Dees] cites (bombings, church burnings, school shootings) are perpetrated by 'lone wolves.' " Indeed, membership in the Ku Klux Klan, which is the most lucrative Dees fund-raising target, has shrunk so dramatically that the Klan would have been out of business years ago but for FBI infiltration. In some chapters the only members with paid-up dues are FBI informants.

     In one case cited by Mr. Silverstein, Morris Dees won a judgment for a black woman whose son was killed by Klansmen. She received $51,875 as settlement. Mr. Dees, according to an investigation by the Montgomery Advertiser, pulled in $9 million from fund-raising solicitation letters that featured a particularly gruesome photograph of the grieving mother's son. Mr. Dees, who pays himself an annual salary of $275,000, offered the grieving mother none of the $9 million her son's death made for him.

     Mr. Dees, in fact, earns — or is paid, which is not necessarily the same thing — more than nearly any officer of other advocacy groups surveyed by the National Journal, more than the chairmen of the ACLU, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Children's Defense Fund.

     "You are a fraud and a con man," Stephen Bright, director of the Southern Center for Human Rights, which actually takes on dozens of death-penalty appeals for poor blacks every year, once told him. "You spend so much, accomplish so little, and promote yourself so shamelessly."

     Mr. Dees does not take death-penalty cases because this might scare off contributors in safe white liberal neighborhoods, many of whom imagine that the death penalty keeps black robbers, rapists and murderers off their streets. White guilt can be manipulated with black pain, but it has to be done carefully. It's a sordid scam. Some people would call what Morris Dees does a hate crime, but it's a living, and a very good one.

Documentation - Southern Poverty Law Center homepage
Time Reference:10:20
Description:Find out all about the valiant and noble mission of the SPLC and discover their wonderful and balanced publication, Intelligence Report.

Mark Potok hates on Americans and defends the US government

Classic 1995 era propaganda and fearmongering about "militias", homegrown terrorists and right wing extremists from Leon Trotsy's protege Mark Potok

Documentation - Militia Fear Propaganda from The Southern Poverty Law Center
Time Reference:13:28
Description:Mark Potok doing what he does best...

Documentation - Demonizing the Tea Party - MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan interviews Mark Potok and Mark Williams
Time Reference:14:19
Description:The real question is whether Dylan Ratigan, the Southern Poverty Law Center and those like them will succeed in demonizing the Tea Party movement like the Jews were demonized in Nazi Germany. Who is the real problem?

King of the Hate Business

What is the arch-salesman of hate-mongering, Mr. Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center doing now? He’s saying that the election of a black president proves his point. Hate is on the rise! Send money! 

Without skipping a beat, the mailshot moguls, who year after year make money selling the notion there’s been a right resurgence out there in the hinterland with massed legions of haters, have used the election of a black president to say that, yes, hate is on the rise and America ready to burst apart at the seams, with millions of extremists primed to march down Main Street draped in Klan robes, a copy ofMein Kampf tucked under one arm and a Bible under the other, available for sneak photographs from minions of Chip Berlet, another salesman of the Christian menace,  ripely endowed with millions to battle the legions of the cross.

Ever since 1971 US Postal Service mailbags have bulged with Dees’ fundraising letters, scaring dollars out of the pockets of trembling liberals aghast at his lurid depictions of hate-sodden America, in dire need of legal confrontation by the SPLC. Nine years ago Ken Silverstein wrote a devastating commentary on Dees and the SPLC in Harpers, dissecting a typical swatch of Dees’ solicitations. At that time, as Silverstein pointed out, the SPLC was “the wealthiest civil rights group in America,” with $120 million in assets.

As of October 2008 the net assets of the SPLC were $170,240,129, The merchant of hate himself, Mr. Dees, was paid an annual $273,132 as chief trial counsel, and the SPLC’s president and CEO, Richard Cohen, $290,193. Total revenue in 2007 was $44,727,257 and program expenses $20,804,536. In other words, the Southern Poverty Law Center was raising twice as much as it was spending on its proclaimed mission. Fund-raising and administrative expenses accounted for $9 million, leaving $14 million to be put in the center’s vast asset portfolio.

The 990 non profit tax record for the SPLC indicates that the assets fell by about $50 million last year, meaning that like almost all non profits the SPLC took a bath in the stock crash. So what was thr end result of all that relentless hoarding down the year, as people of modest means, scared by Dees, sent him their contributions. Were they put to good use? It doesn’t seem so. They vanished in an electronic blip.

But where are the haters? That hardy old stand-by, the KKK, despite the SPLC’s predictable howls about an uptick in its chapters, is a moth-eaten and depleted troupe, at least 10 per cent of them on the government payroll as informants for the FBI. As Noel Ignatiev once remarked in his book Race Traitor, there isn’t a public school in any county in the USA that doesn’t represent a menace to blacks  a thousand times more potent than that offered by the KKK, just as there aren’t many such schools that probably haven’t been propositioned by Dees to buy one of the SPLC’s “tolerance” programs. What school is going to go on record rejecting Dees-sponsored tolerance?

Dees and his hate-seekers scour the landscape for hate like the arms manufacturers inventing new threats and for the same reason: it’s their staple.

The SPLC’s latest “Year in Hate” report claims that “in 2008 the number of hate groups rose to 926, up 4 per cent from 2007, and 54 per cent since 2000.” The SPLC doesn’t measure the number of members in the groups, meaning they probably missed me. Change that total to 927. I’m a hate group, meaning in Dees-speak, “one with beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people,” starting with Dick Cheney. I love to dream of him being water-boarded, subjected to loops of Schonberg played at top volume, locked up naked in a meat locker. But the nation’s haters are mostly like me, enjoying their (increasingly circumscribed) constitutionally guaranteed right to hate, solitary, disorganized, prone to sickening relapses into love, or at least the sort of amiable tolerance for All Mankind experienced when looking at photos of Carla Bruni and Princess Letizia of Spain kissing.

The effective haters are big, powerful easily identifiable entities. Why is Dees fingering militia men in a potato field in Idaho when we have identifiable, well-organized groups which the SPLC could take on. To cite reports from the Urban League, and United for a Fair Economy, minorities are more than three times as likely to hold high-cost subprime loans, foisted on them by predatory lenders, meaning the big banks; “all black and latino subprime borrowers could stand to lose between $164 billion and $213 billion for loans taken during the past eight years.”
Get those bankers and big mortgage touts into court, chief counsel Dees! How about helping workers fired by people who hate anyone trying to organize a union? What about defending immigrants rounded up in ICE raids? How about attacking the roots of southern poverty, and the system that sustains that poverty as expressed in the endless prisons and Death Rows across the south, disproportionately crammed with blacks and Hispanics?

You fight theatrically, the Dees way, or you fight substantively, like Stephen Bright, who makes only $11,000 as president and senior counsel of the Southern Center for Human Rights. The center’s director makes less than $50,000. It has net assets of a bit over $4.5 million and allocates about $1.6 million a year for expenses, 77 percent of its annual revenue. Bright’s outfit is basically dedicated to two things: prison litigation and the death penalty. He fights the system, case by case. Not the phony targets mostly tilted at by Dees but the effective, bipartisan, functional system of oppression, far more deadly and determined than the SPLC’s tin-pot hate groups. Tear up your check to Dees and send it to Bright,( or to the Institute for Southern Studies ( run by Chris Kromm, which has been doing brilliant spadework on the economy, on poverty and on exploitation in the south for four decades.

Documentation - Meet the Patriots
Time Reference:16:02
Description:People who actually care about their sovereignty and want to protect it from governmental tyranny? Sounds like my friends...

Documentation - State and Local Fusion Centers
Time Reference:22:18
Description:Information about the dangerous centralization of law enforcement intelligence in federal hands.

State and Local Fusion Centers

Many states and larger cities have created state and local fusion centers to share information and intelligence within their jurisdictions as well as with the federal government. The Department, through the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, provides personnel with operational and intelligence skills to the fusion centers. This support is tailored to the unique needs of the locality and serves to:
  • help the classified and unclassified information flow,
  • provide expertise,
  • coordinate with local law enforcement and other agencies, and
  • provide local awareness and access.
As of July 2009, there were 72 designated fusion centers around the country with 36 field representatives deployed. The Department has provided more than $254 million from FY 2004-2007 to state and local governments to support the centers. 
The Homeland Security Data Network (HSDN), which allows the federal government to move information and intelligence to the states at the Secret level, is deployed at 27 fusion centers. Through HSDN, fusion center staff can access the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), a classified portal of the most current terrorism-related information.
The Department has deployed intelligence officers to state fusion centers in:
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
The Department has also deployed support to fusion centers in New York City, Los Angeles and the Dallas region.

Cat Bleish Sets Austin City Hall Straight on Fusion Centers

From the May 27th 2010 Austin City Council Meeting. The Austin City council voted after this speech to move forward with the Austin Regional Intelligence Center, with changes to the privacy policy that removed the "All Hazards" approach.

Real sources on the SPLC

I saw a video of Alex's on youtube, and he spoke of running afoul with the SPLC. I did a little research on this group, and it became obvious that they don't only have social objectives in mind. As you are probably aware, the SPLC piggy bank couldn't fit in another dollar edgeways. Things make more sense when you take this into account. The more groups they add to their "hate group" category, the easier it becomes to scare people into making donations (i.e. "there are 12,000 hate groups out there! Please donate so we can fight them!").

You may already know all that is necessary to expose the organization. You can never be certain, though. Feel free to use any of these facts to enlighten people about the corrupt SPLC:

  • The SPLC took on a case, on behalf of a mother, or so it seemed, whose son was murdered by Klansmen. The SPLC won the case. The victim's mother was awarded property belonging to perpetrators which was valued at $51,875. The SPLC sent out letters to donors containing a picture of the murdered youth as a means of fundraising, and collected $9,000,000 in total. To cut a long story short, the centre walked away from the case with over 173 times more money from the case than the victim's mother did, and the SPLC didn’t offer her a penny of their mammoth total.
    Source: Article When a hate crime is something to love by Wesley Pruden
  • The SPLC claim to be a "non-profit organisation", yet the collective assets of the Center by October, 2008, amounted to over $170,000,000. This is higher than the individual GDPs of six real-life countries, and higher than the bottom three combined. Source: Article King of the Hate Business by Alexander Cockburn
  • In 2008, staff of the Southern Poverty Law Center were payed the following amounts: Morris Dees ("chief trial consel"): $273,132, Richard Cohen (CEO and President): $290,133. For comparison, the Director of the Institute of Southern Studies (a prisoner's rights group) makes $50,000 a year, and the president and senior counsil of the group, Stephen Bright, only $11,000. In fact, Stephen Bright, wrote in a letter to Morris Dees, "you are a fraud and a conman. You spend so much, achieve so little, and promote yourself shamelessly".
    Sources: Articles King of the Hate Business by Alexander Cockburn and When a hate crime is something to love by Wesley Pruden
  • The article Lump of Coal, which was featured in the Fairfax Journal on December 16, 2003, reported that 89% of the money recieved by the Southern Poverty Law Center is spent on fund-raising and "administrative costs".
    Source: Article Lump of Coal
  • The SPLC recieved one of the worst ratings given to any group the American Institute of Philanthropy monitors.
    Source: Article The Church of Morris Dees by Ken Silverstein
  • Former SPLC lawyer, Gloria Browne, revealed to reporters that the SPLC's programs were designed to profit from "black pain and white guilt".
    Source: Article The Church of Morris Dees by Ken Silverstein
  • With over $60,000,000 in reserves at the time (1995), the SPLC tried to solicit money from potential donors by stating that the "strain on our operating budget is the greatest in our 25-year history".
    Source: Article The Church of Morris Dees by Ken Silverstein
  • In 1995, Jim Tharpe, who was editor of The Atlanta Constitution, was nominated for The Pulitzer Prize, an award he had won before incidently, for publishing a series of articles highlighting the corruption of the SPLC. The SPLC used its links with many left-wing politicians to dissuade the judges from recognizing the series. Jim Tharpe stated that this activity was "the first lobbying that I know of of that kind".
    Source: Nieman Watchdog (
  • The SPLC has a sister site called "Hatewatch". Its motto is "keeping an eye on the radical right". Despite the centers portrayal of themselves as an objective organisation, it has no counterpart to "Hatewatch" which monitors groups on the left, no matter how extreme they may be.
    Source: 'Hatewatch' (
  • Morris Dee's former business partner, a lawyer by the name Millard Fuller, stated that in the early 60s "Morris and I...Shared the overriding purpose of making a pile of money. We did not care how we did it; we just wanted to be independantly rich". After having a change of heart, sold out to Dees in 1965, donated the money and charity, and established Habitat for Humanity. Dees, on the other hand, having no change of heart bought a house accompanied with tennis courts, a pool, and stables. Shortly thereafter, he established the Southern Poverty Law Center.
    Source: Article The Church of Morris Dees by Ken Silverstein

Documentation - The Trentadue Files
Time Reference:38:35
Description:Please download the pdf and save it to your hard drive.

Documentation - FBI surrenders documents that judge ordered
Time Reference:39:33
Description:Information on the SPLC informants in Elohim city

Documentation - Interview with Jesse Trentadue
Time Reference:42:38
Description:Touches on the Southern Poverty Law Center's role in the OKC Bombing and many other aspects of the bombing.

Alex Jones on the SPLC - Demonizing Americans 1/3

Kryptonite for Mr. Bizarro SPLC


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