Monday, May 31, 2010

Former CIA Officers McGovern/Giraldi: Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media

Ray McGovern, Former CIA Analyst/Presidential Daily Briefer | Phillip Giraldi, Former CIA Case Officer

The following is a rush transcript of Press TV's interview with former CIA and DIA Officer Philip Giraldi on the resignation of Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair.

Press TV: Do you believe that Dennis Blair's resignation was a forced one? Do you believe that it was the AIPAC Jewish lobby's influence that caused Blair to lose his job?

Giraldi: When Blair was appointed and was opposed by the lobby, I think when that happen, that man sooner or later Dennis Blair would be in trouble, as soon as, there were an opportunity to turn on him.

It means that the Jewish lobby, the Israeli lobby, has absolute control over any appointment under either the security position or foreign policy position that has any thing at all to do with the Middle East. They are basically able to say yes or no on the appointment of any individual and it seems it is the case at the policy-making level.

Press TV: What does it say about the US sovereignty if Israel is making decisions dealing with the Middle East?

Giraldi: Obviously that is the fundamental dilemma in terms of American foreign policy. Essentially the Israeli veto over major aspects of US foreign and security policy do not make sense in terms of what the US national interest is.

Press TV: Does it make a difference for the US be governed under Gorge Bush or Barack Obama, when it comes to the Middle East -- if Israel is calling the shots for the United States?

Giraldi: Well the president does have the ability to begin to turn this around by speaking to the American public and saying, "Look, we have national interest in the Middle East that are not the same as the interest of Israel. Because our economy is in trouble and we are fighting two wars now we have to look at those interests in a serious way."

We have to be able to do things that might make Israel angry. The presidency could use the bully puppet to use his position to try to change policy, but I think not any president right now, has the courage to do that. 




  1. Israel is a cancer on the world... and has couped the US .. people
    please WAKE-UP!

  2. What is the original source of this video. I cannot locate it on PressTV's website.

  3. get the filthy jew out of our country or they will destroy it!!!

  4. Maybe the intellectual giants posting comments here can manage to separate Zionism from Judaism and Zionists from Jews?

  5. The average Jew is like the average American. Stupid to the shenaigans of their respective government officials!

    Just as the average American is free of the charge of 'unjust wars' so too the average Jew free of being 'the filth among us.'

    Get a grip and do some study!

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  7. It doesn't take a mental giant, a mental pigmy can tell the Zionists are filth. Since Judaism follows the Talmud now (because they have no sacrificing priesthood and no temple-the Talmud being just rabbis argueing and not intended for non-rabbis, it is Judaism as well that must be fought. The Jews must be converted. As Dr. Israel Shamir said....Judaeism is a danger to the whole world and must be destroyed. Not individual Jews, but the ersatz religion.

  8. I used to feel sorry for the Russians in the USSR
    who only had Pravda to read, now I have to read Pravda (and Press TV) to find out what's going on in the U.S.A.

  9. Just as the average American is free of the charge of 'unjust wars' so too the average Jew free of being 'the filth among us.'

  10. To @anonymous 1st comment , I don't think israel is the cancer of the world , as human we can make this world as a better place for living.

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