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Organgate: After lying for decades, Israel admits illegal organ harvesting

Since USrael lied when they denied the practice entirely only a few months ago, we can safely presume they are lying about having stopped in the 1990s.

All of this comes at a time when Israel is trying to hide revelations of a recent UN Report recommending an investigation into Israeli War Crimes in Gaza by judge Richard Goldstone, who is Jewish, a self-described Zionist, and trustee of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The report recommends an independent investigation into Israeli actions in what the report stated amounted to “war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity.” Israel’s invasion of Gaza, code named “Cast Lead,” resulted in the deaths of over 1400 Palestinians, many of them children and women.

On cue, the Anti-Defamation League’s whiny Abe Foxman let loose with a barrage of criticism of Goldstone. From other quarters, Goldstone was accused of being “anti-Semitic” and a “self-hating Jew.” The same sort of vitriolic name-calling had been meted out by the Israel Lobby, whose political backbone comes from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), to Mary Robinson, the former Irish President, who served as UN Human Rights Commissioner. You can read in much more detail on that here in the December issue of the Rock Creek Free Press. Now on to our regularly scheduled program.

Don't Dare Speak Against Israel: Baroness Sacked for Anti-Israel Comments About Organ Harvesting

Israel Feels Under Siege. Like a Victim. An Underdog

ORGANGATE - FLASHBACK - Israel organ harvesting scandal 'medically impossible' catches Johns Hopkins
Aftonbladet's organ harvesting allegations are ludicrous from a medical perspective, writes Andrea Meyerhoff MD, Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who also argues that Sweden missed an opportunity to "reject anti-Semitism and reaffirm principles of good journalism."

Andrea Meyerhoff joins Michael Mann and Phil Jones as among those who prostitute their science for political purposes, and with this one stupid stunt, Andrea Meyerhoff has dragged the credibility and respect for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine right down to the same low level as Hadley CRU and the IPCC. (See Climategate: A Crime Against Humanity HERE and HERE)

Please take a moment to write their VP of communications, Dalal J. Haldeman (dhaldeman@jhmi.edu), and let him know that Israel has now ADMITTED to doing what Andrea Meyerhoff publicly stated was impossible. Please advise Mr. Haldeman that Dr. Andrea Meyerhoff, having demonstrated a questionable competence in things medical, should not be allowed near any living patient.

Do it now. I'll wait.

Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent
The Guardian
Israel has admitted pathologists harvested organs from dead Palestinians, and others, without the consent of their families – a practice it said ended in the 1990s – it emerged at the weekend.

The admission, by the former head of the country's forensic institute, followed a furious row prompted by a Swedish newspaper reporting that Israel was killing Palestinians in order to use their organs – a charge that Israel denied and called "antisemitic".

This is shaping up to be a modern-day horror story.

Anyone counting the homeless lately?

Are any missing?

But, before the propaganda wing can throw you under the "anti-semite" bus, watch Amy Goodman as she interviews a former Israeli minister and helps expose this trick used against dissidents, the defamation tactic of calling people "anti-Semitic."

Israeli military admits to organ harvesting
Following diplomatic tensions over an August article published in Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet accusing the Israeli army of illegally harvesting the organs of Palestinians, Israel has admitted its forensic pathologists removed organs from dead bodies without consent from their families, reports the Associated Press.

Over the weekend, a 2000 interview carried out by an American anthropology professor with Dr. Jehuda Hiss, the then head of Israel's Abu Kabir forensic institute, was broadcast on Israel's Channel 2 TV....

Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine
In August Sweden’s largest daily newspaper published an article containing grisly evidence suggesting that Israel had been taking Palestinian internal organs. The article, by veteran photojournalist Donald Bostrom, called for an international investigation to discover the facts.1

In this photograph taken March 22, 2007, Vasile Dimineti holds a picture of his 24-year-old son, who died a year after selling his kidney. The family lives in the impoverished Moldovan village of Mingir, where about 40 of its 7,000 residents are thought to have sold a kidney. AFP photo/Daniel Mihailescu/Files

Israel immediately accused Bostrom and the newspaper of “anti-Semitism,” and charged that suggesting Israelis could be involved in the illicit removal of body parts constituted a modern “blood libel” (medieval stories of Jews killing people for their blood).2...

Yehuda Hiss Admits Israel Organ Harvesting

A recent video released by Israels Channel 2 has confirmed what many had long suspected, that Israelis had secretly harvested dead Palestinians organs without consent.

Israel admits to organ harvesting

Flashback to August 2009
SCANDAL: Did Israelis kill Palestinians for organs?

BRAWL ON AIR: 'Murders for organs'

As the show host says in the guest introductions, Dr. Mordachai Kedar, seen here who is brought in to contradict and attack the Swedish reporter, before getting into the lecture circuit as mentioned and teaching as a professor, served in Israeli Military intelligence (Mossad) for 25 years - Mossad's Credo as seen on their shield, "Through Deception That Shall Do War."

Yeah, you can trust this "former" spook USraeli agent to tell the truth. As we now know as of today, this spook, as well as the israeli supporter who posted this video with his propaganda slant posted in the info in defending israel, we see he and the Dr. are both lying through their teeth since Israel finally admitted to organ harvesting a few short months after this interview.

Flashback to 2007: Eight Israelis charged with trafficking human organs

Israeli police have broken up an organ transplanting ring that persuaded dozens of Israelis to have their kidneys removed in Ukraine. But, because Israeli law does not explicitly forbid the trafficking of organs, police may have to release the suspects.

Flashback: Suspect in NJ Probe Sold Black-Market Kidneys

(NEWSER) – The FBI says it's made the first organ trafficking arrest in US history, a strange byproduct of the sweeping corruption probe that nabbed dozens of New Jersey officials and rabbis, the Star-Ledger reports. New Jersey Rabbi Levy Izhak Rosenbaum is accused of dealing in kidneys: He'd buy them from donors in Israel for $10,000, then sell them to clients in the US for up to $160,000, says the criminal complaint.

“I am what you call a matchmaker,” he told one undercover FBI agent who arranged to buy one. Rosenbaum would take care of the logistics, getting blood tests, acquiring a visa for the donor to come to the US, and concocting a hospital-duping cover story—all while dispensing copious bribes. “It's so expensive because you have to shmear (pay others) all the time,” he told the agent.

Graphic explains kidney-selling scheme that Levy Izhak Rosenbaum is accused of arranging.

Body parts snatching case sparks fears

Ghoulish scandal leads prospective patients to rethink surgery plans


Image: Bobi Milner

Bobi Milner of Springfield, Ill., received suspect tissue to fix a disc in her upper spine.  Her infectious disease tests came back negative.

Flashback: top New Jersey rabbis/govt leaders arrested in black market money & organ scandal

top nj god & govt leaders arrested in int'l black market money & organ scandalfrom examiner: New Jersey top government officials and religious leaders, according to MSNBC, have been arrested in connection with a supposed "major corruption and international money-laundering conspiracy." Reportedly it was also discovered that many were involved in a black market organ ring. Among those arrested are two New Jersey mayors, an assemblyman, and a city deputy mayor. Several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the IRS, are said to be involved in this sting operation that has resulted in approximately 30 arrests. This is a breaking story so details are still minimal. But what has been said so far is that the mayors of Hoboken, Peter Cammarano, and Secaucus, Dennis Elwell, have been arrested. Also included in the arrests wereJersey City Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini, state Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt, and some rabbis from New York and New Jersey.

"The mayors of three New Jersey cities, two state legislators and several rabbis were among more than 40 people arrested Thursday in a sweeping corruption investigation that began as a probe into an international money laundering ring that trafficked in goods as diverse as human organs and fake designer handbags.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, the investigation initially focused, with the help of the cooperating witness, on the money laundering network that operated between Brooklyn, Deal, N.J. and Israel. The network is alleged to have laundered tens of millions of dollars through charities controlled by rabbis in New York and New Jersey.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said he has heard of the story but knows nothing of kidneys being sold by Israelis."

... which is a non-denial denial.

Israel admits organ harvesting
By Middle East Correspondent Anne Barker
Posted Tue Dec 22, 2009 7:05am AEDT

Israel's military has admitted forensic pathologists once harvested organs from dead bodies - both Israeli and Palestinian - without the permission of their families.

Four months ago Israel threatened legal action against a Swedish newspaper which published claims that Israeli soldiers had killed Palestinians to harvest their organs.

But now, Israeli television has broadcast part of an interview with the former head of Israel's Abu Kabir forensic institute who has acknowledged pathologists did harvest heart valves, skin, corneas and bones from Israeli soldiers and civilians, Palestinians and foreign workers.

Responding to the TV interview, the Israeli military confirmed the practice took place, but said it ended in 2000.

There is no evidence to support the Swedish claim that Israeli soldiers killed Palestinians expressly for their organs.

Flashback: Haaretz - Two Haifa men sentenced to jail for organ trafficking
In a precedent-setting ruling yesterday the Haifa District Court yesterday sentenced two Haifa men to jail for trafficking in humans for the purpose of harvesting their organs...

America’s ‘disappeared’: The homeless of the big cities
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Jul 8, 2009, 00:18

(WMR) -- They were always seen by all who passed by, broke and idle in a number of Washington, DC, parks and grassy nooks. After 9/11, however, they began to disappear and in large numbers. “They” were the familiar faces of Washington’s homeless.

From Lafayette Park, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, to Virginia Avenue across from the State Department, and Franklin Square, amid the city’s glass and steel towers housing DC’s power elite to tony Georgetown, many homeless people, both those truly down on their luck and those who were mentally ill, began to disappear.

As one Washington homeless advocate told this editor, “These people simply vanished.”

The disappearance of homeless people from the streets of Washington began under the administration of Mayor Anthony Williams and continues in force under that of Adrian Fenty. Both African-American mayors, Democrats but beholden to deep-pocketed land developers in a city that rarely elects Republicans to office, began to quietly make it tougher for the homeless to survive in the nation’s capital. Last year, Fenty announced that the Franklin School Shelter at 13th an K Streets would be phased out, leaving the homeless residents of that shelter little choice but to move to the streets.

Last August, a number of homeless activists picketed Fenty’s home over the plans to close the Franklin shelter. WMR was told by one spokesperson for the homeless that one of the protesters, John McDermott, has also now “vanished.” The spokesperson added that there are many cases of people known to live on the streets of Washington simply “disappearing” without a trace.

Some major cities, including New York and Atlanta, have been discovered to be “dumping” their homeless residents on other smaller towns and cities. Others threaten their homeless with prison unless they leave town with usually a one-way bus ticket provided.

However, there is no evidence that Washington, DC, has been dumping homeless on other cities or paying their transportation out of town. The homeless spokesperson interviewed by WMR said that DC’s homeless are simply “vanishing” without a trace. DC officials in charge of the homeless are very tight-lipped when asked about the fate of unaccounted for homeless in the city.

Although the best-case scenario is that these unfortunate people have, in fact, been relocated to other areas, the spokesman ended the interview on a chilling note. He said with federal camps and a high demand for any usable body parts by the lucrative transplant industry, he feared the worst may have befallen some of DC’s “invisible residents.”

Los(t) Angeles : The "Organ Mafia" strikes again
by Hector Carreon
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - September 27, 2005 - (ACN) The USA human organ transplant industry has putrefied to the core. It is now under the control of an "Organ Mafia" consisting of "cadaver hunters", surgeons, nurses and hospital administrators whose sole purpose is to maximize their profits by selling transplantable organs and tissues to the highest bidder. The ultimate victims are indigent patients who are often bypassed for needed transplants and poor and needy persons who are often victimized by the "organ snatchers" when their organs are purchased and often stolen for use by wealthy patients.

Last year we reported on the "UCLA's Cadaver Scandal and Trade in Human Organs" which shocked Angelenos. The scandal resulted in an investigation of the UCLA Medical Center that focused in finding out who was involved, over a period of six years, in profiting in the sale of body parts. Arrested, along with UCLA's Director Henry Reid, was Ernest Nelson, body parts dealer who says he paid Reid over $700,000 for permission to go into the UCLA body freezer and hack about 800 donated cadavers into pieces to take their parts and sell them to local hospitals and laboratories. Today, yet another organ scandal has been revealed involving the bypassing of an Afro-American patient for a "liver transplant" who was first on the list. Instead, the "liver" was transplanted into a very influential and wealthy Saudi who was only 52nd on the list but paid large sums of money to St. Vincent Medical Center through the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia .

St. Vincent Medical Center is just east of downtown Los Angeles and is one of the largest human organ transplant centers in California. The abuse was carried out by the "Organ Mafia" inside the hospital by falsifying records and documents. The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia paid the hospital $340,000 directly and above board and undetermined sums to doctors and hospital staff under the table.

The horrific trade in transplantable body organs, tissues and other parts has had dire consequences for some of society’s most vulnerable members. Among the vulnerable are the homeless, undocumented immigrants, and Mexican children along the US/Mexico border. During the "UCLA's Cadaver Scandal" hundreds of homeless persons, mostly Blacks, were mysteriously disappearing from the Los Angeles downtown "Skid Row" area that is not very far from UCLA. Since the UCLA Medical Center’s "Organ Mafia" got away with trafficking in body parts by keeping some of the donated cadavers off the books, the center may have been accepting cadavers that they never recorded. A cadaver or human body can bring in as much as $200,000 dollars. It is possible that many of the disappeared "Skid Row" indigents ended up in the UCLA cadaver freezer.

The USA "Organ Mafia" now operates on an international level. Their favorite targets are countries where "the dollar" speaks the loudest. A favorite region for organ snatching operations is along the US/Mexico border. In 1996 I wrote an article title, "THE CORRUPTIVE INFLUENCE OF THE DOLLAR: The Shameful Trade in Mexican Baby Organs!" that revealed 17 clinics in Tijuana and Cd. Juarez that performed sophisticated transplants of kidneys and corneal tissues from kidnapped Mexican children to wealthy North Americans who paid top prices for the operations. Mexican children along the border continue to disappear today. In Cd. Juarez, hundreds of young women have disappeared as well. One theory claims that these women are being murdered for their transplantable organs.

There is very little publicity concerning the human right abuses of the well established "Organ Mafia". Members of this Mafia now include many greedy doctors and surgeons operating in prestigious USA hospitals. The high demand for human organs by wealthy patients willing to pay high prices will continue to victimize the poor. The recent fraud at St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles that "gypped" an indigent Black patient to benefit a wealthy Saudi national is just one of numerous cases. According to promoters of the 2003 film titled "Dirty Pretty Things" that exposed the trade in human organs, "An estimated 15,000 illegal organ transplants have been performed worldwide in recent years, usually involving wealthy Westerners and the Third World's marginalized poor who sell their organs, most often kidneys, to stay alive (survive economically)."

Jucicial Watch: Government-Funded Organ Harvesting

Judicial Watch: Organ Harvesting (part 2): Deviations from Medical and Ethical Standards

"The Department of Health and Human Services and the Fire Department of New York have funded an organ harvesting program that deviates from medical and ethical standards. The critical concern surrounds the transition from life-saving to organ preserving measures. The organ team will follow the regular ambulance and if the normal paramedics fail to resuscitate a patient, after two minutes "hands-off," organ harvesting preparation begins."

Judicial Watch: Organ Harvesting (part 3): The Target Population

"Rapid Organ Recovery Ambulance Program (RORA) has the potential to exploit a marginalized population for the benefit of a different population. Bellevue Hospital Center, the primary applicant of the consortium, ..."

"..disproportionately includes ethnic and linguistic minority and immigrant groups who often have limited English proficiency and low health literacy."


U.S. rabbis suspected of brokering sale of human kidneys
Investigators also believe rabbis laundered money from Brooklyn through businesses in Israel.

The Chop Shop.. (Is that kidney kosher ?)... blues.

The Chop Shop.. talkin' blues

I went to see my Rabbi, I’d been felling kind of sick.. Does he know a doctor who might cure me real quick?.. I met the good Doctor the very next day, He said my kidneys were shot, so how much could I pay?. I said plenty because, I’m selling ecstasy , So he told me of a place that would be just right for me.

The clinic door was open, this place must be Blessed.. I walked right in and sat on down in the chair next to the desk.

They had row of lungs, and corneas on ice, the donors wouldn’t need them in paradise.
I saw rows of freezer chests and cases; one of freezers was for transplanting faces.

Down at the Chop Chop down at the Chop Shop. down at the Chop Shop

I asked Sydney at the counter about where the kidney came from?.. Was it from someone healthy, or some old drunken bum?
He said it was from the Middle East, from a young girl who was healthy, And now, I’m told her parents are not very wealthy.

There was an accident in the clinic and the young girl had died. Her family didn’t like it and of coarse they all cried..

They didn’t know the medics ran off with her kidneys, and eyes. She won’t need them anymore.. She’s up in paradise.. So I went up close and looked a little closer, a question crossed my mind is that kidney Kosher?.

Down at the Chop Shop, the Chop Shop, down at the Chop Shop.

Now that its all over, the new kidney now inside me, I am thankful to my lucky stars that it wasn’t denied me.. My appetite has changed since when death seemed so much closer, But yet again I wonder is my kidney Kosher?

After my the transplant my thoughts somehow have been changed.. It’s almost like my thinking has now been re arranged.. I used to like bagels, and now I like falafels..
I used to be a racist, but now I think it’s awful

So I added up the value of all a persons parts. Then you round out the figures it doesn’t take much smarts.. If you work and save with all your heart, You will never be worth your body parts.

Down at the chop shop!

----Fade to black----.

But they aren't the only ones doing it...


thursday, november 23, 2006

china admits selling prisoners' organs

china admits selling prisoners' organsfrom abc news: For the first time, the Chinese government has admitted selling the organs of executed prisoners for profit, a gruesome business it had denied for years.

Speaking at a national conference of transplant surgeons in Guangzhou last week, Vice-Minister of Health Huang Jiefu admitted, "Apart from a small portion of traffic victims, most of the organs from cadavers are from executed prisoners," according to the China Daily, a state-run English-language newspaper published in Beijing.

Harry Wu, a former political prisoner in China and human rights activist, says that Huang's statement is an important admission.

"Ten years ago I talked about this, ABC and BBC reported, Congress held hearings about this, and China always denied it, saying 'No, no, no, never,'" said Wu. "And this time, they said 'Yes.'"

Wu assisted ABC News' 1997 Primetime investigation where the story, "Blood Money: Black Market for Kidneys from Chinese Prisoners," first broke.

According to the published account, the health vice-minister complained that foreigners were getting the vast majority of the organs because they could better afford to pay than Chinese citizens. The cost of a prisoner's kidney has been estimated by human rights groups at about $90,000.

Wu says that poor Chinese are selling their organs on the black market, even though it is now illegal in China to sell organs for profit.

A Ministry of Health official in Beijing declined to comment, saying that ABC News needed to submit a written application for an interview.

Sophie Richardson, an Asia expert for Human Rights Watch, says China still has a long way to go to improve its human rights standards. "This is the beginning of an effort to look like it's responding to concerns about some pretty grotesque behavior."

The Chinese government established a special committee to crack down on the organ black market earlier this year.

flashback: China harvesting organs from falun gong detainees

tuesday, october 31, 2006

china harvesting organs from falun gong detainees

from thought criminal: Western countries are beginning to pay high-level attention to accusations that Chinese authorities are killing jailed members of the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement in order to sell their body parts for organ transplants.

A subcommittee of the U.S. House of Representatives held a hearing on the accusations on September 29. The matter was also raised at foreign-minister level at the China-European Union summit meeting on September 9 in Helsinki.


  1. Happened to my daughter, I believe. I was pressure by UCLA to donate and told she would be taken off the ventilator in "one hour" because state law doesn't allow a brain-dead patient to remain on life support. Yet once I was pressured into agreeing (to buy one more day holding my daughter's hand) she was "allowed to be on the ventilator for one more day to run "more tests." Why is this not being investigated? http://www.belindasstory.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlqSM2of3Ng

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