Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Corrupt FDA dupes Interpol to achieve international kidnapping of herbalist

Rendition is the new Empire board game of Risk for the US, no matter that the kidnappings are illegal as with the recent Iranian case. The corrupt FDA, really!!? The same gubment agency that illegally brought you Donald Rumsfeld's biological neurotoxin sweetener Aspartame and illegally forced it into 5,500 food products on the shelves today? (Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World) They've gone Mission Impossible for the For-Profit Cancer Industry and Medical Mafia. Now we're going into other countries to kidnap Americans and others to bring into the US for imprisonment and torture, no matter that what they're doing is actually legal in those countries, but these people are being taken, reverse renditions if you will, as the Medical Industrial Complex doesn't appreciate being cut out of the action with people cutting in on their territory like the traditional mafia.

The AMA has been doing this since their inception, originally set up as a trade organization and club for physicians, with their very own and aptly named "Dirty Tricks Department." They were implicated in the poisoning death of Dr. Max Gerson when he wouldn't turn over his cancer regimen to them, as they pleaded, "we've got buildings to pay for, doctors on salary, all of this expensive equipment, we can't pay for all of that if you keep doing this - we can't write a prescription for broccoli." All of that comes on the heals of his hearings before Congress and Sen. Claude Pepper's sub-committee in July 1946, where Gerson demonstrated recovered patients who had come to him after conventional methods could no longer help, who after hearing case study after case study of terminal cancer patients that were told to prepare for death, patients turned over to him by serial allopathic doctors thinking they would perish quickly under his care proving his therapy did not work, were not only put into complete remission but were cured of their cancers by Dr. Gerson and his homeopathic regimen after the allopathic medical establishment said they couldn't be cured. The AMA did not openly attack Gerson until November 1946, a few months after he testified in support of the Pepper-Neely Senate bill to appropriate $100 million to bring together the world's outstanding cancer experts in order to coordinate a search for the prevention and cure of cancer.

Well, the AMA would have none of that and brought out the "Dirty Tricks Department." They went after any alternative therapy that was proven to work and bankrupt their monopoly, implementing character assassinations against them if not tried-and-true lethal assassinations, er, I mean neutralizations in some cases, the same illegal way the CIA does around the world of people that get in "their" way of their corporate handler's agenda - the same as the Feds and their gubment payroll scientists have done destroying federally unfunded private scientists and researchers who disagree and have valid questions, whether it be by devastating careers of opposition scientists while fraudulently producing global warming data and destroying their own raw data to keep FOIA requests from getting the info ("Science Scandal of the Century" - full length article here), scaremongering and pushing untested lethal vaccines under the guise and profit motives of Swine/11 to attacking anyone who dares question the veracity of the gubment's Official Conspiracy Theory and gubment approved scientists with their version of 9/11. It is all from the same playbook, typically with a lot of the same hands in play, the same board members we have all come to know and hate with their pathologically psychotic corporate mindsets, the same ones John Potash writes about in his upcoming article in the Rock Creek Free Press newspaper (Jan. 2010) about who really controls the CIA, "Wealthiest Head CIA and Control Media." Subscribe to the Creek - A Fiercely Independent Newspaper

un[redacted] news The Beautiful Truth - Gerson Cancer Therapy

Article: Healing Cancer From Inside Out - by Mike Anderson

Article: Eating by Mike Anderson

Good, I feel better now.

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There is no special tip today other than to listen to the amazing interview with Cathryn Caton, covering the FDA's involvement in the kidnapping of Greg Caton from Ecuador:

A breaking news story today reveals the FDA's involvement in a plot to kidnap and illegally deport a U.S. citizen living in Ecuador -- an herbalist named Greg Caton who sells anti-cancer herbs from his online shop called Alpha Omega Labs.

This exclusive NaturalNews investigative story required several days to piece together, as it required numerous phone calls to the FDA, the Dept. of Justice and Interpol. What I found in this investigation will absolutely stun you.

Find out how the FDA duped Interpol and now appears to be guilty of commiting international crimes in its pursuit of herbal formulator Greg Caton:

Listen to the exclusive interview with Cathryn Caton here:

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Meanwhile, researchers are now complaining that journalists exaggerate the benefits of the drugs they write about in the mainstream media:

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